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Camping Fuel Fire

Camping Fuel & Fire

Everything you need for keeping warm outdoors or feeding hungry campers that requires fuel or fire is available here at Anaconda. Collect your own wood with the handy pocket saw, or bring prepared firewood, kindling, charcoal or other fuels, and don’t forget the lighter, matches or even your own fire starter!

Also included in the range are various types of fuel and gas cylinders, and a range of adaptors, valves, regulators and hoses. Weigh your gas cylinders with the handy scales to make sure you don’t run out, and store gas bottles safely in transit with the special clamps.

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  • Coghlans Waterproof Matches 4 Pack

    Coghlans Waterproof Matches 4 Pack

    Don't worry, camping doesn't mean that you have to rub 2 sticks together to make a fire, it's not 1000BC after all. Coughlan's Waterproof matches have approximately 45 wooden matches to a pocket size box. Ideal for hunters, fishermen, campers or outdoor workers. Safety matches cannot light accidenta...

    Reg: $9.99

  • Hot Shots Lump Charcoal

    Hot Shots Lump Charcoal

    Hot Shots Lump Charcoal ia a natural high density wood charcoal that burns clean, hot and lights faster. The best fuel we have used when cooking on the Cobb, spit, smokers or charcoal BBQ. Unlock and infuse natural flavours in your choice of meat and enhance your BBQ experience with the premium fuel...

    Reg: $16.99

  • Hot Shots Redgum Firewood

    Hot Shots Redgum Firewood

    Hot Shots Redgum Firewood is a high quality, clean, dried firewood and natural Australian product. Available in a large 15kg bag, it provides long lasting heat for your fire in a economical & environmentally friendly way....

    Reg: $15.99

  • Hot Shots Kindling

    Hot Shots Kindling

    Hot Shots kindling is Australian sourced. This high quality kiln dried hardwood. Ideal for use as an open fire starter. Great economical way of getting your fire started naturally and quicker without the use of chemicals....

    Reg: $11.99

  • Primus Gas Cylinder

    Primus Gas Cylinder

    The Primus gas cylinder provides safe LH thread connection to all 3/8" leisure and industrial appliances. Ideal for BBQ or camping trip....

    Reg: $39.99 - $44.99

  • Primus LH Gas Cylinder

    Primus LH Gas Cylinder

    The Primus gas cylinder is used for 3/8" BSP LH cylinder for all camping and leisure appliances. Ideal for BBQ, leisure and domestic appliances....

    Reg: $49.99 - $54.99

  • Jetboil Isobutane Propane Fuel Mix

    Jetboil Isobutane Propane Fuel Mix

    For maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, use our high-performance propane / isobutane four-season blend. Propane provides higher vapour pressure for better performance in cold weather. Isobutane provides more constant pressure as the fuel level gets low....

    Reg: $11.99

  • Companion Pro Fuel Butane Gas 220g 4 Pack

    Companion Pro Fuel Butane Gas 220g 4 Pack

    Butane, you beauty! Power any single-burner butane stove with these aluminium-cased butane cartridges from Primus, each holding 220 g of butane, giving close to two hours of service. They come in a 4-pack, so you can keep a few of these lightweight fuel canisters in reserve for your portable blow to...

    Reg: $8.99

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Can I purchase camping fuel and fire at Anaconda?

You can find everything you need for your next campfire or heating requirements at Anaconda. With kindling, charcoal, gas, spirit and solid fuel, you'll be able to sit around the campfire at night and enjoy the warmth or heat up that kettle first thing in the morning.

As well as different types of fuel, you'll also find replacement parts such as adaptors, regulators, connecting hoses and other essentials here in the camping fuel and fire range. Always check that you have the correct type of fuel to power your heater or camp fire before setting off, in case it is not available at your destination, and make sure you transport your fuel safely and keep it away from children.

How do I know if I have enough gas left in my gas bottle?

Although you could guess at the number of hours you have used your gas bottle, you don't want to get halfway through preparing your meal and run out! A more accurate method is to weigh the gas bottle, with the digital gas bottle scale from Anaconda. Perfect for measuring the amount of gas in an 8.5-9kg gas bottle from empty to full. It is quick and easy to use, simply strap scale to bottle and lift for instant reading.

What if I want to gather wood for a fire at the campsite?

One of the greatest joys of a camping holiday can be the smell of a lovely wood fire to sit around in the evening. However, just to be prepared, you may want to make sure you have some gadgets to hand in case the wood is wet or the wind is strong. At Anaconda, find simple but effective items such as fire starters, waterproof matches, and kindling, to help you start a fire without too much trouble. Either build your own fire on a patch of ground (where permitted) or invest in one of the handsome fire pits or Chiminea's also available from Anaconda.

What about lighting the BBQ?

If you are using a gas BBQ, be prepared for all eventualities with a handy FireSteel from Anaconda, which can light a BBQ in all weather conditions. Gas bottles for various BBQs are available too. For charcoal BBQ models, you might want to take along some solid fuel tablets and matches, or even a small blow torch to get your fire going. A windshield around your campfire or cooking site is a must in windy conditions, and will keep your group cosy while enjoying the outdoors.

For BBQ's and stoves that are tricky to light, you could also benefit from a bendy lighter which will reach into even the most inaccessible burner. Complete with child safety mechanism, this is a handy item to have in case of need.

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