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Camp Cooking

Camp Cooking

Making sure everyone is fed is essential for every successful camping trip. At Anaconda, you can find camp cooking equipment, appliances, utensils, storage, cookware and tableware, plus a large selection of fuels and other essentials, all at everyday affordable prices.

Whether you are cooking for one person or a large group, you will be delighted with the many options available that are specially designed for camping and hiking trips, including items that can be run from your 4WD or solar power, as well as BBQs, fire pits and camp stoves. Check out the range today!

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  • Light My Fire Original Spork

    Light My Fire Original Spork

    Combination Spoon and Fork for easy eating on your camping trip....

    Reg: $5.00

  • Digital Gas Bottle Scale

    Digital Gas Bottle Scale

    The most accurate way to measure gas is by weight without temperature fluctuations and the digital gas bottle scale helps by accurately measuring the amount of gas in a 8.5-9kg gas bottle from empty to full. Quick and easy to use - strap to bottle and lift for instant reading....

    Reg: $20.00

  • Spinifex 4 Piece Cooking Utensil Set

    Spinifex 4 Piece Cooking Utensil Set

    This Spinifex 4 piece Cooking Utensil Set is an essential for the camping chefs. Compact, convenient and durable.

    Reg: $5.00

  • Cobb Frying Pan

    Cobb Frying Pan

    The Cobb frying pan features an excellent design and is made from stainless steel. And to ensure your food is cooked evenly, there is an aluminium base to regulate heat....

    Reg: $50.00

  • Cobb Frying Dish / Wok

    Cobb Frying Dish / Wok

    Perfect for paella, stir frys, stews, curries & more, the Cobb Frying Dish/Wok is stainless steel frying dish with an encapsulated aluminum base, that ensures even heat distribution throughout.

    Reg: $50.00

  • Cobb Griddle Pan

    Cobb Griddle Pan

    A must have accessory for the Cobb cooker!...

    Reg: $40.00

  • Gasmate Stainless Steel Smoker Box

    Gasmate Stainless Steel Smoker Box

    Add a tasty smoky flavour to your barbecue meals with this smoker box from Gasmate. Made from durable stainless steel with vents for even smoke circulation, works with gas & charcoal hooded barbecues and is suitable for all kids of meats.

    Reg: $15.00

  • Cobb Disposable Inner Sleeves 6 Pack

    Cobb Disposable Inner Sleeves 6 Pack

    Fits your Cobb like a glove and designed to take all the effort out of cleaning your Cobb....

    Reg: $20.00

  • Companion Pop Up Storage Tub

    Companion Pop Up Storage Tub

    Compact and lightweight, which collapses flat when not in use. A space saving essential, ideal for camping, caravanning or home use....

    Reg: $60.00

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Does Anaconda stock camp cooking equipment?

Anaconda stockes a large range of different camp cooking equipment, including furniture, appliances, cookware utensils and even camp food. In fact, the range includes everything you need to get a meal organised during your camping trip, regardless if it is for just one person or a whole family. From a simple drinking jar to a complete kitchen "in a box", you'll find everything here at Anaconda for your camp cooking requirements. Browse the range to see the variety of items on offer, all at very reasonable prices.

Which types of camp stoves do you recommend?

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to different styles of cooking. Choose from a variety of different appliances and fuel sources including bottled gas, wood, charcoal and more. There are lightweight, compact cooking stoves in the range, ideal for hiking and trekking, as well as a number of different systems for use at a camp site, depending on the provisions you have there and the power source you prefer. You'll find primus stoves, BBQ's and a number of other cooking appliances in this range.

Will I need specialist cookware and utensils?

You can, of course, make do with your own cookware and utensils from home, but if you are a regular camper it is worthwhile investing in some lightweight and durable camping equipment. Designed to work with camp stoves, and with camping conditions in mind, these will prove to be much more practical and safe than trying to use items from your home kitchen. Special toasting forks will stop you burning your fingers, saucepans and kettles are lightweight, storage bowls are made to fit into each other to save on space, and there are a number of convenient pots and pans too.

What about camping tableware?

Anaconda stocks a great range of tableware for camping and hiking, with everything from the basic minimum to luxury items for those who prefer "glamping". You can set off on your next adventure with just a mess tin, a "spork" and a mug, or include table covers, champagne flutes and matching plate sets with stainless steel cutlery. The range even includes a Biodegradable Picnic Set, with items made from vegetable waste matter of corn, starch, bamboo and rice husks, for four people.

What camp food is included in the range?

When you are on a trip through remote areas, it is best to make sure you have food with you, and at Anaconda you can get everything from a simple energy bar to specialist camping meals that are specially designed to be rehydrated, so they save on space and weight while being transported. By adding water and heating when required, you'll be able to get a tasty and nutritious meal with very little in the way of cooking equipment.

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