Camping & Hiking

Camping & Hiking

Check out our great range of tents, swags, sleeping bags, packs, bags and outdoor camping furniture, plus all your camping accessory essentials from first aid kits and insect repellent to headlamps and walking poles.

We also have an extensive selection of generators, BBQs, stoves, heater's and fire pits. Cooking for one or the entire family? Then explore our cooking appliances, water purification, camp food and cooking utensils while keeping everything fresh with one of our many fridge, freezers and coolers.

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  •   Willow Cooler

    Willow Cooler

    The perfect sized companion for the mandatory 6 pack and snags. Not too small that sacrifices need to be made, but not too big to make it a pain to lug around either. It's every Summers must have accessory....

    Reg: $29.99 - $59.99

    CLUB: $23.99 - $47.99

  •   Willow Wheeled Cooler

    Willow Wheeled Cooler

    This extra-large cooler means it can cater for large groups making it ideal for holidays, camping and boat trips. It is also equipped with robust wheels for simple wheeling operation....

    Reg: $89.99

    CLUB: $71.99

  •   Willow Quickserve Cooler

    Willow Quickserve Cooler

    This family sized cooler has a versatile storage tray which prevents soggy sandwiches and protects fragile food items making it ideal for parties, gatherings and holidays....

    Reg: $99.99

    CLUB: $79.99

  •   Campfire Cast Iron Trivet

    Campfire Cast Iron Trivet

    Prevent food from sticking on the bottom of the oven with the red enamel cast-iron trivet....

    Reg: $13.99

    Now: $10.49

  •   Campfire Jaffle Iron Storage Bag

    Campfire Jaffle Iron Storage Bag

    Suitable for the Campfire single jaffle iron, this strong storage bag ensures that your jaffle iron is kept clean ready for your next outdoor adventure....

    Reg: $9.99 - $11.99

    Now: $7.49 - $8.99

  •   Campfire Jumbo Jaffle Iron

    Campfire Jumbo Jaffle Iron

    A useful utensil for any camping trip. Create tasty jaffles with this cast iron jaffle maker....

    Reg: $26.99 - $38.99

    Now: $20.24 - $29.24

  •   Campfire Jaffle Iron Jumbo Storage Bag

    Campfire Jaffle Iron Jumbo Storage Bag

    Suitable for the Campfire jumbo jaffle irons, this strong storage bag ensures that your jaffle iron is kept clean ready for your next outdoor adventure....

    Reg: $10.99 - $12.99

    Now: $8.24 - $9.74

  •   Spinifex Stainless Steel Kettle

    Spinifex Stainless Steel Kettle

    There is more to the Spinifex Whistling Kettle than meets the eye. It's premium blend of materials ensures it will outperform it's rivals and will continue doing so for years to come. Even heating is achieved through sealing a thin layer of pure aluminium between two sheets of high grade stainless s...

    Reg: $21.99

    Now: $14.99

  •   Spinifex 24 Piece Dining Set

    Spinifex 24 Piece Dining Set

    All your camp dinning needs for a family of 4. Fun colour coded plates for individuality, Matching utensils, large tumblers and bowls. Complete package packs into a sturdy storage tub.When the storage tub is not storing your dinning set, it can double as a wash basin in the kitchen.

    Reg: $29.99

    Now: $19.99

  •   Trangia Large Portable Stove

    Trangia Large Portable Stove

    They build them big and they build them small. This time Trangia's come up with a slightly larger portable stove specially suited to groups of three or four. Made from ultra-light aluminium, this stove's easily portable - but don't take it away yet, we haven't got to the cooking part. This cooks so ...

    Reg: $149.00

    Now: $119.00

  •   Jetboil Flash Camo

    Jetboil Flash Camo

    The Flash steps up from the Zip with a push-button igniter, heat indicator, and increased volume. This system lights with the click of a button and in just over 2 minutes provides two cups of boiling water for cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal. The newly designed burner secu...

    Reg: $199.95

    Now: $159.96

  •   Jetboil Flash Cooking System

    Jetboil Flash Cooking System

    Flash adds more enjoyment to your favourite outdoor adventure. Like all of Jetboil's innovative systems, Flash is an all-in-one design, combining burner and cooking vessel in one compact unit. Everything you need is stacked and stored inside the 1.0 litre cooking cup....

    Reg: $199.95

    Now: $159.99

  •   Spinifex Eden Dome Tent

    Spinifex Eden Dome Tent

    Fancy a quick escape? Look no further than this compact 3 person tent. Easy to setup and versatile for any outdoor adventure. Features climate control side vents to circulate air during the day and prevent condensation build-up during the night. Large side windows and enclosed front vestibule gives ...

    Reg: $189.99

    Now: $94.99

  •   OZtrail Hightower Dome 10P Tent

    OZtrail Hightower Dome 10P Tent

    The Hightower tent will be your new favourite home away from home with its spacious two room design and generous head height. The sides open up to create a full-length awning creating even more space for undercover fun! The Portico Pole system ensures setting up will be a breeze, so you'll have more...

    Reg: $499.99

    Now: $249.99

  •   Dune Kimberley 9 Tent

    Dune Kimberley 9 Tent

    The Dune Kimberley 9 Tourer tent made with heavy duty 320 gsm ripstop canvas which makes this tent more water resistance and more breathable. The canvas has been treated with water resistant so it will keep you dry in rainy season. It's heavy duty PVC floor stop water coming from ground. Kimberley 9...

    Reg: $699.99

    Now: $389.99

  • BlackWolf Turbo 210 Tent 2013 Model

    BlackWolf Turbo 210 Tent 2013 Model

    Built tough for Aussie conditions, super-fast to pitch so it's ideal for extended trips where you're frequently on the move. New 3 pole awning can handle all-weather conditions, optional extra side panels add versatility. Large front door and gusseted side windows for excellent ventilation and zippe...

    Reg: $1,549.99

    Now: $775.00

  •   Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo

    Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo

    The ideal family Gazebo and a market stall owner's favourite. Great for all occasions... picnics, parties, sporting events, anywhere that you need cover....

    Reg: $299.95

    Now: $199.95

  •   Spinifex Foam Floor Mat Pack

    Spinifex Foam Floor Mat Pack

    These Spinifex Foam Mats in a 4 pack are great for camping, exercise or children's play area. They are perfect as floor insulation in tents. Individual mats can be joined and interlocked together to form the required shape and size....

    Reg: $19.99

    CLUB: $14.99

  •   Spinifex Kid's Zoo Hooded Sleeping Bag

    Spinifex Kid's Zoo Hooded Sleeping Bag

    Whether it be for summer camping or a night's stay at a friend's place, the Spinifex Zoo Kids Sleeping Bag is a great option for kids. Suited to spring and early autumn conditions, it has increased filling for warmth, silk touch polyester lining and an outer shell made from a Polyester ripstop fabri...

    Reg: $44.99

    CLUB: $22.49

  •   Spinifex Drifter Sleeping Bag

    Spinifex Drifter Sleeping Bag

    The Spinifex Drifter is a great hooded sleeping bag with a 0 degree comfort rating. Comfortable, lightweight and all at a great price. Great for home, school camps or general camping. Make sure you take this on your next camping adventure!...

    Reg: $69.99

    CLUB: $34.99

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Can I find all my camping and hiking equipment at Anaconda?

Yes! Camping and Hiking is Anaconda's specialty! Anaconda prides itself on being the ultimate one stop destination for all of your camping and hiking needs. Whether you are solo-hiking that steep snow covered peak with nothing but the hiking pack on your back, or venturing out with the family to your local campground, Anaconda has got you covered. All camping and hiking and products under one roof!

We stock a huge range of family tents, hiking tents, swags, sleeping bags, hiking packs, travel packs and bags, outdoor camping furniture. We have all the camping and hiking accessories you could ever need from first aid kits and insect repellent to headlamps and walking poles.

We also have an extensive range of high quality generators, BBQs, stoves, heaters and fire pits.

Cooking for one or the whole family? Then explore our cooking appliances, water purification, camp food and cooking utensils and keep everything fresh using one of our many fridge-freezers and coolers.

Please also check out our wide range of 4WD accessories with roof racks, compressors and navigation and auto accessories all at the lowest prices, guaranteed!

What camping and hiking products will I find at Anaconda?

Camping and Hiking can be one of the best ways to de-stress and gain a fresh perspective.

At Anaconda we supply everything you need for Camping and Hiking.

Our Categories include:

Tents & Shelters: Family tents, camping tents, hiking tents, canvas tents, swags, gazebos, insect and sun screens, shades, beach sunshades, toilet and shower tents, tent accessories and tarps.

Camp Furniture: Chairs and stools, recliners, tables, kitchens, cupboards, heaters and fire-pits and all camp-site essentials.

Sleeping: Sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners, hammocks, stretchers and beds, self-inflating beds, airbeds, mats, pumps and all sleeping essentials.

Packs and Bags: Hiking Packs, rolling luggage, child carriers, day packs, dry bags and storage, duffle bags, travel packs, lifestyle bags, travel accessories and hiking accessories.

Camping Toilets and Showers: camping toilets, toilet chemicals and accessories, camping showers and accessories, hot water heaters, portable washing machines and camping washing accessories.

Hydration: Hydrations packs, water bottles, water purification and storage.

Camp cooking: Camp food, camping stoves, camping fuel and fire, cookware and utensils, cast iron, camp cooking appliances and camp tableware.