Anyone for tennis? Find everything you need here at Anaconda for a great game, set or match with a selection of rackets and balls for tennis players of all ages and levels of ability. You can also get your kids interested in tennis at an early age with the easy to install backyard tennis set. Choose from different sizes of rackets for men, women and juniors as well as a selection of accessories such as new racket grips, headbands and wristbands and an elbow support. A badminton set is also included in the range

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Can I buy tennis equipment at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Here at Anaconda, we have a wide range of tennis equipment purposely designed to ensure you are able to smash that big ace. The game originated in 12th century France and is popular across the world. Whether you are hoping to be the next Venus or Serena, Roger or Novak, our fabulous tennis range of accessories will give you everything you need to ensure game, set and match. You can purchase any of our goods in this range by going to our website or by walking into any of our 35 stores across the nation where one of our dedicated team will be happy to help.

Why should I play tennis?

Tennis is a racquet sport that is played individually against a single opponent or with two players and two teams. The sport is fantastic at improving your hand to eye co-ordination as well as sharpening your reflexes, and it is a great competitive way of getting fit. Tennis can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, size or capabilities and it is associated with increased aerobic capacities. With an hour's worth of tennis burning around 600 calories, tennis challenges your body and your mind.

What is included in this range of tennis equipment at Anaconda?

Our range of tennis equipment includes leading brand racquets, balls and protective gear, available now at Anaconda's bargain low prices. We have everything you need to succeed on the tennis court. Or if you prefer, this range also includes badminton sets, with racquets, shuttlecocks, net, base and bag included, this would be the perfect activity to play away those hours on your family camping trip.

How should I choose a tennis racquet from Anaconda?

Your choice of tennis racquet depends on you, and it is important to choose a racquet that will meet your needs as a tennis player. It is considered that the most important thing is to match your tennis racquet to your tennis abilities. Beginners are more suited to a basic oversized racquet - intermediate players may wish for a smaller, lighter racquet whereas advanced tennis players need a racquet that offers an optimum balance between superior power and lightweight feel.

There are other things you need to consider when choosing your racquet. A speedy power player might prefer a smaller racquet, but for someone with a slower or moderate swing, a larger racquet head may be more suited. You should also consider the weight of your racquet, a heavier one will help you to control your shot and will put greater power in your swing. On the other hand, a lighter racquet allows for greater shot placement and may be preferred.

Prior to purchasing your tennis racquet, you should measure your grip size as it is considered that finding the right grip size will help to ensure peak performance. For most women, grip sizes 1 to 3 are usually preferred, whereas the most popular sizes for men are 3-4. The best way of telling whether a tennis racquet has the best grip size for you is for you to hold the racquet with your standard grip. Turn your racquet around, and the distance between your fingers and thumb should be around the size of a finger.



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