Keep fit and enjoy a great game at the same time when you play netball! Netball is enjoyed all over the world and is played on every continent, so if you want to have a go check out the great range of netball balls here at Anaconda. Netball can be enjoyed simply as a way to keep fit, as a fun game or even competitively, and with different levels and competitions it is enjoyed mainly by women and girls of all ages. Look in our different ranges for women and girls to find suitable shorts, tops and footwear for Netball

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Introduction to Netball

Netball is one of the most popular sports for women in Australia today with around one million women involved in netball nationwide. It is also in the running to becoming an Olympic sport and is already officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee or IOC.

In netball, two teams compete against each other and score goals by shooting balls through a hoop, similar to basketball. However, players can only shoot or pass the ball and cannot run with the ball by dribbling. Netballs are smaller than basketballs, which makes them much easier to handle. The hoops are also smaller and have no backboard to bounce off of.

A netball team has 7 players on the court, with each player occupying a specific area. Players of varying skill levels can participate and still have fun by simply by being placed in an appropriate role on the court. It is a fast-paced non-contact sport that promotes teamwork and not just pure physical ability.

Netball is extremely popular in schools and can be easily picked up and played by both boys and girls. It is played by more than 20 million people in over 80 countries worldwide.

Buy Quality Netball Equipment at Anaconda

Anaconda sells match netballs that fully comply with official regulations, as well as training netballs and recreational netballs from top sports brands like Spalding, Gilbert and Opus.

Regulation match balls are designed to deliver excellent handling characteristics and an extra sticky grip. Match balls use top grade rubber on the outside, and have high performance bladders that provide excellent air and shape retention, as well as great rebound.

Training netballs offer great durability and are extremely long lasting due to its use of hard wearing materials like blended rubber and cotton laminate. This durability makes it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. You can find training balls in a variety of colours, some of which make them easier to see during night time games and practise sessions. Training balls typically use rubber bladders that provide moderate air retention and less rebound than match balls. Training balls are also usually a bit heavier and priced lower.

Recreational netballs are much more affordable than match balls and training balls. These are a great option if you're just getting started with netball, and are also a good choice if you're just playing with the kids or not really taking things too seriously or competitively.

Netball Sizes

The size 5 netball is the most common offering among brands, and is the prescribed netball size for players aged 10 and up. Netball regulations dictate that size 5 netballs should have a circumference measuring between 690mm and 710mm, and weigh between 400 grams and 450 grams.

Size 4 netballs are intended for children aged 5 to 10 years. These are slightly smaller and lighter than size 5 netballs, which makes them much easier to handle for younger kids. Size 4 balls can also be used as alternative training or practise balls for older players to develop different skills.



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