Get set for some Aussie rules football with everything you need for a great game, here at Anaconda. With balls for different surfaces, light and playing conditions, boots for both men and juniors, and mouth guards, you'll be all set up for a game for all ages. Enjoy your footie in the garden, backyard or on the beach, and if the weather lets you down, you can always retreat indoors with the Franklin Sports Shoot N Score Field Goal Football Set, which has everything you need for hours of table top football fun

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Can I buy accessories for Australian football from Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Here at Anaconda, we have a range of balls and accessories purposely designed for Australian football. The rules for Australian football were first codified in 1858, and its roots are traceable from early forms of rugby and Gaelic football. Aussie footy is a contact sport that is played between two teams of 18 players on an oval-shaped field. It is distinctively Australian but is now played in over 80 countries. From our range of top quality balls to mouth guards that will protect your teeth and jaw, shop our collection of Australian football accessories today.

What is included in your range of Australian football equipment at Anaconda?

Here at Anaconda, we have everything you could possibly need for a game of footy with your friends down the park or training for that next important match. Check out our range of purposely designed Australian footballs, made from high-quality materials, including footballs made by Sherrin, the ball provider of the A.F.L. We also have a range of mouth guards available designed to absorb shock and deflect impact away from your teeth.

Why should I play Australian football?

Australian football, also known as football, Aussie rules or just plain footy is a high contact, fast-paced game that provides many benefits to its player's physical and psychological health and wellbeing. It can significantly improve cardiovascular health and stamina as well as enabling the development of teamwork skills, camaraderie and a sense of fair play. Studies have shown that participation in contact sports can also improve mood, reduce stress, develop concentration and help you to maintain a healthy weight and sleep pattern.

Which mouth guard should I choose?

A mouth guard is used in a number of different contact sports but for the same reason, to protect your teeth and to help to prevent concussions. It is important that you find the right blend of comfort and security when choosing your mouth guard as the majority of big clubs and professional organisations involved in Australian football enforce a mandatory practice of wearing them during matches and training sessions. Ensure that your mouthguard is correctly fitted so that it stays in place during impact. At no point should your mouth guard be able to come loose in your mouth, and you should only be able to remove it with your fingers.

How should I clean my mouth guard?

It is very important that you regularly clean your mouth guard to avoid the build-up of bacteria. To clean the piece use toothpaste and a toothbrush to remove any residue and to ensure that the plate is fully clean and dry before storage. In between uses, you should keep your mouth guard in an appropriate protective case to prevent damage, and you should also ensure that your mouth guard is kept away from direct sunlight or heat sources as heat can warp the material.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

Prior to engaging in sports such as Australian football, it is very important that you warm up your body. Regular stretching and good physical preparation techniques are key to maintaining the health benefits of exercise. Always know your own limits and seek medical advice if you are concerned about anything.



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