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Having a blast with various ball sports? Anaconda offers gear for basketball, football, soccer, table tennis & more! Shop our sport balls & equipment today!

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Can I purchase items for ball sports at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Ball sports encompasses a large number of different sports and games, such as baseball, basketball, dodge ball, field hockey, football, American football, Australian football, goal ball, golf, kickball, korfball, netball, rink hockey (hardball hockey), roller soccer, rugby, soccer, softball, table tennis, tennis, lacrosse, cricket and volleyball.

What types of ball sports balls does Anaconda stock?

Anaconda offers you a choice of many types of sports balls, from soft balls for small children to reasonably priced balls for games and training, and good quality balls that can be used for matches and serious tournaments. Many of the balls are available in different sizes too, and a number of well-known brands are represented across the range.

What else is included in the range?

As well as the balls needed to play your chosen ball sport, you will also find other useful items at Anaconda including nets, rackets, pop-up goals, bats, shin guards, mouth guards and even referee's whistles! Of course, Anaconda also stocks a huge selection of sportswear including clothing, socks, footwear and other items for all your favourite sports so remember to check out those collections as well.

What types of items are included for kids?

Often, kids may be introduced to certain sports with reduced size equipment, as well as soft and/or smaller balls. Introduce them to sports such as basketball with a junior basketball system, or set up a tennis training set or a pop-up goal in your back yard. A net strung between two convenient posts, trees or other uprights on a beach or in a field can make an instant netball, badminton or other sports field, so the options are endless. There is also a table tennis table complete with accessories, which can be set up anywhere in the house or on the patio.

Does Anaconda sell other sports items too?

Yes, as well as balls and accessories for ball sports, you will find all types of sports equipment here including gym and boxing equipment, bicycles, climbing gear, beach and surf sports equipment, ski and snow products and much more.



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