Roof Racks

Roof Racks

If you are looking for the best way to transport heavy or bulky items with your vehicle, look no further than the extensive range of roof racks available at Anaconda. Turn the roof of your vehicle into extra luggage space and free up space inside, or use the specialist roof racks to transport bikes, kayaks or surfboards safely and easily on your next day trip or holiday.

Specialist restraints enable you to move gas bottles and fuel containers safely and securely, and there is even a rack that will take up to 4 kayaks, allowing you to take the whole family out on the water with ease.

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  •   Seak Soft Roof Racks

    Seak Soft Roof Racks

    No roof racks? Never again let your choice of car stop you from riding the waves. Seak Soft Roof Racks are easily stowed in small places like the boot of your car, ready to carry everything from kayaks, surfboards and skis through to furniture. The soft neoprene fabric under the padding ensures your...

    Reg: $89.99

    Now: $62.99

  • Yakima Forklift Bike Rack

    Yakima Forklift Bike Rack

    Feast your eyes on our first-ever fork-style rooftop bike mount with factory crossbar capability right out of the box. (Please note: The Forklift is recommended for carrying bikes only, not pallets loaded with heavy stuff.)...

    Reg: $209.99

  • Yakima Frontloader Roof Bike Rack

    Yakima Frontloader Roof Bike Rack

    Universal fit to most kinds of crossbars - including aerodynamic factory bars - makes the Front Loader our most versatile rooftop bike mount ever. It goes right from the box onto your car rack system, and then to a very special place in your heart....

    Reg: $279.99

  • Yakima SKS Lock Cores

    Yakima SKS Lock Cores

    SKS stands for 'Same Key System'. These 2 cores enable you to lock all of your Yakima products with just one key....

    Reg: $29.99 - $49.99

  • Yakima Showboat 66 With Crossbars

    Yakima Showboat 66 With Crossbars

    The versatile ShowBoat load-assist roller makes it painless to get your kayak on top of your vehicle - even if you're loading multiple boats onto your car rack system all by yourself. So you'll never spend the day in the hospital with a double-hernia instead of out on the water....

    Reg: $299.99

  • Yakima Bigstack Roof Watersports Rack

    Yakima Bigstack Roof Watersports Rack

    If you like to head out on the water with your entire posse, you've reached the right page of the website. The Big Stack rooftop kayak mount's narrow profile carries up to 4 kayaks on their sides. (As an added bonus, the word &ldquostack&rdquo makes you think of delicious pancakes.)...

    Reg: $239.99

  • Yakima Bowdown Roof Watersports Rack

    Yakima Bowdown Roof Watersports Rack

    If you're like an overprotective parent and your boat is your baby, you'll want the BowDown-our safest and most secure rooftop kayak mount-for your car rack system....

    Reg: $259.99

  • Yakima Mako Aero Saddle Kayak Rack

    Yakima Mako Aero Saddle Kayak Rack

    These practical saddle-style rooftop kayak mounts come with all the hardware you need to secure your boat with a kung-fu grip, yet cradle it gently and keep it looking pretty. Mako Aero saddles fit car rack systems with factory (aero-style) crossbars out of the box, and offer SKS security. Mako Aero...

    Reg: $99.99

  • Yakima Soulpad Surfboard Rack

    Yakima Soulpad Surfboard Rack

    Reconnect with soul of your surfboard and get your hands on these comfy EVA-moulded aero pads give one heck of a cushy, protective ride to your boards, be they of the surf, paddle or sail variety....

    Reg: $59.99

  • Yakima Wavehog Surfboard Rack

    Yakima Wavehog Surfboard Rack

    The Yakima Wavehog - it's all the pads, straps and nose/tail tie downs you need to get your boards to the beach. And you can install everything quickly and easily without tools. Because when the waves are rolling in, who's got time for tools? Not you, you Wavehog. Includes the Yakima Soulpad, S.U.P ...

    Reg: $159.99

  • Yakima Evenkeel Kayak Rack

    Yakima Evenkeel Kayak Rack

    Yakima's new saddle-style rooftop kayak mount, the EvenKeel, comes with everything value-conscious paddlers like you need to keep your beloved boat nice and stable. It will also stabilize any Rack Envy you may be experiencing. So you'll not only save on your rooftop kayak mount - you'll save on your...

    Reg: $169.99

  • Yakima Universal Kayak Carrier

    Yakima Universal Kayak Carrier

    Yakima's entry-level kayak carrying solution includes foam blocks, straps, hooks & tie downs - everything you need for shorter trips, or for paddlers just getting into water sports....

    Reg: $79.99

  • Prorack Voyager Spare Wheel Restraint

    Prorack Voyager Spare Wheel Restraint

    Safely and securely carry a spare wheel on a roof top tray or basket with the Prorack Spare Wheel Restraint. A flat tyre can ruin a touring adventure, an extra spare wheel is insurance against bad luck!...

    Reg: $79.99

  • Prorack Voyager Gas Bottle Restraint

    Prorack Voyager Gas Bottle Restraint

    Safely and securely carry a 4kg gas bottle on your roof top basket or tray with the Prorack Voyager Gas Bottle Restraint....

    Reg: $85.99

  • Yakima Sweetroll

    Yakima Sweetroll

    The Yakima SweetRoll makes loading your kayak or canoe as easy as it's going to get! Two front and two rear saddles with integrated rollers will have you and your friends on the water in no time. No tools needed to mount the SweetRoll to any bar type, which makes it simple to install. It comes fully...

    Reg: $239.99

  • Mean Mother 2.5 Metre 8 Ton Equaliser Strap

    Mean Mother 2.5 Metre 8 Ton Equaliser Strap

    The equaliser strap has been designed to evenly distribute the load on your vehicle during a recovery operation when connected to two rated recovery points. They are generally used in conjunction with a snatch strap or extension strap. Mean Mother equaliser straps are equipped with a moveable protec...

    Reg: $36.99

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