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Every 4WD should carry recovery tracks. A natural feature of 4WD adventures is discovering new challenges for your vehicle, and a natural consequence is that 4WD vehicles can get soundly stuck in unforgiving terrain at times. There may be times when you are alone, without a second vehicle and winch to pull you out of difficulty, and recovery tracks can become your greatest assistant in a time of need.

There is no shame in getting wheels trapped in snow, mud, dust, rocks or sand, as it is all part of the learning curve, even for the safest of 4WD enthusiasts. Battling the elements in a 4WD is exhilarating, dangerous and fun, although safety should always be prioritised, along with readiness for anything mother nature can throw at you. The value of recovery tracks shouldn’t be underestimated.

The vehicle you drive, your off-road style and the tyres you use should all be considered when purchasing recovery tracks, and Anaconda has highly recommended brands worth serious consideration.

What are recovery tracks?

Recovery tracks are very simple and handy once a 4x4 becomes stuck and a winch can’t be used. Recovery tracks and similar devices are known by many names including recovery boards, sand tracks, bog mats, bridging ladders and traction ladders, and they all work by giving you something to shove under stuck wheels for providing traction. By introducing a firmer driving surface you can hopefully free your 4WD from its dilemma.

Some recovery tracks are designed for sand, while others work as bridging ladders or to fill large holes in the track so your vehicle has something to drive over. There are various types of recovery tracks available, with some storing under the seat, while others are relegated to the roof racks. For Land Rover fans, authentic recovery tracks made of hard steel attach to the side of the vehicle for an authentic touch.

Do I need other equipment with recovery tracks/boards?

You will make your life a lot easier if you bring a shovel along for the ride. In order to gain maximum traction of your 4x4 tyres, it’s usually best to dig out material in front of the tyre so the recovery track can be wedged in as tightly as possible. In the event you forget your shovel, don’t fret; some recovery tracks available from Anaconda have built-in hand-grips and a shovel-shaped nose designed for digging.

Recovery boards are strong and even if bent will bounce back into shape. However, in getting your 4WD un-bogged you may be left with recovery boards that are now sucked into the mud. Instead of using brute force to extricate your tracks while grappling in the mud, simply loop or clip some rope around the recovery board handle and pull it out, using your vehicle if necessary.

How to choose the right recovery board?

The easiest way to choose the right anything is to do your research and speak with the experts. Superior recovery boards at Anaconda are from dedicated 4WD equipment specialists and are endorsed by experts. Brands include Dune 4WD, TRED and MAXTRAX, showcasing Australian-made quality for Australian driving conditions. The length of your 4WD, storage options and tread type will influence purchasing decisions, so here are a few options available from Anaconda, online or in-store.

Dune 4WD Recovery Tracks 800mm

Less than a metre long and purchased as a pair, the Dune 4WD Recovery Tracks are handy to stow and easy to use. They are equally useful for drivers of conventional vehicles who are just as likely to become stuck on a road verge, poorly maintained track or boggy ground. Features include:

  • Can be used as a pair
  • Suitable for use in sand, mud and snow
  • Textured underside
  • Built-in shovel and handles
  • UV resistant material

TRED Recovery Tracks 1100mm

Designed and manufactured in Australia using specially engineered polyolefin materials, TRED recovery tracks will get you out of the sand, sludge, slime or snow in no time. The torque, flex and weight-handling capabilities of these tracks is unmatched, while aggressive entry teeth ensure grip between tyres and tracks is established. Here are some features.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Underbelly traction
  • Linking points for adding-on
  • Superior grip and shovel
  • Dual size offering
  • Wear-resistant properties

MAXTRAX Mark 11 Recovery Boards

Another great Australian product that has been rigorously tested under local conditions. The MAXTRAX is innovative and incredibly lightweight, with each track weighing only 3.4 kg. MAXTRAX is safe and easy for anyone to use in difficult situations. Impressive features include:

  • 88 traction-gripping teeth
  • Shovel and handles built-in
  • Large base footprint to accommodate big vehicles
  • Impressive flexibility and amazing strength
  • Trusted recovery device used by military and government agencies
  • Suitable for 4WD enthusiasts, tour guides, adventurers and weekend warriors

What is a recovery strap used for?

Every experienced off roader will carry essential recovery equipment at all times. Incidents and accidents can happen at any time requiring quick thinking and appropriate recovery gear such as a recovery strap used for rescuing trapped vehicles and towing them to safety. Anaconda stocks Mean Mother 8 Ton and 11 Ton snatch straps; made in Australia and rigorously tested to meet highest quality standards. Snatch straps stretch slightly and don’t snap easily, while also providing additional ‘snatching’ force with greater ability to pull and rescue stranded vehicles. At 9 metres long, the Mean Mother 11 Ton snatch strap provides plenty of length for manoeuvring into position for maximum torque. Features include:

  • Incredibly strong nylon reinforced webbing
  • Reinforced eyes for guaranteed hold
  • Treated for protection against wear and tear
  • Minimum breaking strength of 11,000 kg

Is there more 4WD recovery gear I should consider?

Anaconda partners with established manufacturers of premium 4WD equipment and accessories. We also provide storage solutions for stowing everything safely in position and ready for use. The Mean Mother 8 Piece Recovery Kit with 8,000 kg snatch strap is just one example. A recovery kit is only useful if it is fully stocked with the right equipment, making the heavy duty Mean Mother recovery kit storage bag a smart solution.

This recovery kit will improve safety, enhance the 4WD experience and maximise vehicle versatility. Contents of the Mean Mother 8 Piece Recovery Kit include:

  • 1 x Australian made 8000 kg snatch strap
  • 1 x 4500 kg winch extension strap
  • 1 x 800 kg snatch block
  • Tree trunk protector
  • Recovery gloves
  • Heavy duty storage bag

For security while on the road, or venturing off-road, every piece of equipment needs to be firmly secured. Anaconda provides solutions for all outdoor, camping and adventure equipment needs, including innovative straps, racks, brackets and containers for keeping valuable possessions in top shape. Here are a few suggestions.

Yakima Boat Strap Kit: Kayaking is a great Australian pastime and transporting your kayak to the water is easy using a Yakima Boat Strap Kit. It contains two 16’ cam-buckle straps, two bow/stern tie-downs with bumper guards, and two rigid steel s-hooks.

Mean Mother Tow Hook: A tow hook provides the ideal recovery point when rescuing stranded vehicles. The Mean Mother Tow Hook includes a spring steel retaining clip that prevents the strap from slipping loose during high-tension towing.

Mean Mother 4WD Multi Shovel: This versatile implement allows you to dig at difficult to reach angles and heights. There are up to five different configurations to suit most recovery situations, allowing you to easily shift, sand, dirt, mud or almost anything else.

Mean Mother High Lift Jack – Sand Base: If you enjoy heading to the sand dunes in your 4WD, this high lift jack base is tailor made for recovery in the sand. Convenient to use and easy to store, this is a must-have basic for a quick tyre change while tackling the trails.

Lion LTS Strap Hold Down With Sleeve 35 cm: The Lion Cam Tie Down LTS (Load Tension System) negates compression and movement in a load, keeping your vehicle centre of gravity stable. The LTS system absorbs force associated with movement, and automatically adjusts.

Yakima Ripcord Rack Straps: You will be far less likely to get bogged or stuck if everything in your vehicle is securely fastened. Sudden shifts in weight caused by unsecured equipment and accessories can create unsafe driving conditions and greater likelihood of getting bogged. Yamaha Ripcord Rack Straps are the answer for attaching items stably. Utilising lockable cargo straps that remain firmly fixed in place, Yakima Ripcord Rack Straps are suitable for securing boats, bikes, surfboards, ladders and more.

What makes Anaconda the superior choice for 4WD and outdoor gear?

Anaconda is Australia’s favourite outdoor equipment specialist for lots of good reasons. For starters, we offer a lowest price guarantee, and if you find a cheaper price on the same stocked item, we’ll beat it by 10%. We also offer a secure returns and refunds policy in accord with Australian Consumer Law. Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction online and in store all around Australia.

You can follow your recovery tracks order online using your unique tracking code, and national flat shipping rates are offered on all items. Contact us online or use the convenient ‘store finder’ to locate your nearest Anaconda retailer and Australia’s most diverse range of quality outdoor, 4WD and camping equipment and accessories.

Shop by category to get the best Anaconda deals. If your 4WD adventure includes hiking, fishing or other pursuits, we are the first choice for outdoor and adventure gear. You can purchase your complete recovery kit online, including heavy duty recovery tracks and other recovery devices. Anaconda is on a mission to inspire and equip Australians with the best products available, so take advantage of the convenient way to shop for your next off-road adventure.



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