Take your 4WD on long trips through all kinds of terrain and enjoy the adventure no matter where the road takes you, when you are equipped with all the necessary kit from Anaconda.

Our Recovery, Towing, Roof Racks, Load Restraints, Compressors, Communications, and Auto Accessories & Electrical sections are filled with equipment, spare parts, kit, and accessories to help you along the way.

With reliable gear from leading brand names, all at the best prices, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can deal with whatever the terrain throws at you.

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  • Magellan eXplorist 610 GPS Unit

    Magellan eXplorist 610 GPS Unit

    Premium, rugged, handheld GPS system with 3.2 megapixel camera, Compass, Barometric Altimeter, and topographic maps to record all your movements and navigate the outdoors with accuracy and safety....

    Reg: $380.00

  • Tactical Lensatic Compass

    Tactical Lensatic Compass

    When you're out bush walking or hiking through your favourite park, the Tactical Lensatic Compass is a handy companion. Take it with you along with your other hiking, camping utilities....

    Reg: $5.00

  • Magellan eXplorist GC GPS Unit

    Magellan eXplorist GC GPS Unit

    The eXplorist GC navigation device provides unmatched assistance with navigation, such as the combination of the world's two most useful navigational tools - a compass and a map! Overlay a series of different transparent compass styles on top of a pre-loaded worldwide map that shows roads, water fea...

    Reg: $120.00

  • Lion Hand Truck Capacity

    Lion Hand Truck Capacity

    This handy Lion hand truck has a metal fold up tray and collapsible handle which makes it easy to fit in car boot, back of wagon or cupboard. 120kg capacity....

    Reg: $44.00

  • Projecta 150W Power Inverter

    Projecta 150W Power Inverter

    Ideal for extended trips, this compact and lightweight unit will power many 240V household appliances such as laptop computers, stereos, electric shavers and mobile phones....

    Reg: $70.00

  • Dune Seat Organiser

    Dune Seat Organiser

    Dune Seat Organiser - Adjustable straps fit most car seats with various sized pockets for a range of different sized items. ...

    Reg: $20.00

  • Pop N Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener

    Pop N Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener

    Heavy-duty stainless steel body with 4 powerful magnets covered by protective rubber allows for easily moveable, scratch-free magnetic mounting to refrigerators, tailgates, RV's, toolboxes, and more. Or, screw mount to non-magnetically receptive surfaces such as decks, walls and more by 2 - 0.20" di...

    Reg: $15.00

  • Trail Com Fridge Door Stay

    Trail Com Fridge Door Stay

    Keeps your refrigerator door held open during storage. Improves air circulation and helps prevent mold and odour build-up.

    Reg: $12.00

  • Dune Ion Light Bar

    Dune Ion Light Bar

    The new light bar range from Dune features IP68 rated housing with superior waterproof plugs and strong housing which is shock and vibration resistant and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens, just perfect for the weekend getaways or long drives up the back highways. Dune Ion light bars come in ...

    Reg: $100.00 - $250.00

  • Tactical Kids Adventure 3 In 1 Combo Set

    Tactical Kids Adventure 3 In 1 Combo Set

    The Adventure 3 In 1 Combo Set from Tactical is a great gift for kids.

    Reg: $5.00

  • Tactical Kids Adventure 3 In 1 Compass

    Tactical Kids Adventure 3 In 1 Compass

    Tactical Kids Adventure 3 In 1 Compass, featuring a viewer sighting line and floating dial thumb hold.

    Reg: $2.00

  • Spinifex Wet Dry Vacuum

    Spinifex Wet Dry Vacuum

    The Spinifex Wet, Dry Vacuum & Blower 12 V includes car cleaning attachments, and offers wet or dry vacuuming. Perfect for the car, caravan or tent.

    Reg: $20.00

  • 4x4 Equip Tyre Tread Depth Gauge

    4x4 Equip Tyre Tread Depth Gauge

    Ensuring correct tyre pressure maximises vehicle safety and performance. It will also extends tyre wear which will improve fuel economy and tread life....

    Reg: $30.00

  • 4x4 Equip Standard Combo Shovel With Bag

    4x4 Equip Standard Combo Shovel With Bag

    4x4 Equip designed and developed the original 3 Piece Shovel nearly ten years ago. Named the Combo Shovel, this unique design takes away the hassle of trying to carry a long handled shovel inside or outside your vehicle....

    Reg: $70.00

  • Hema Australia Road and 4WD Atlas

    Hema Australia Road and 4WD Atlas

    The Australia Road & 4WD Atlas contains Australia-wide atlas mapping, detailed city maps and a dedicated 4WD map section to equip travellers who want to explore Australia. Pinpointed on the atlas mapping are the points of interest that matter to tourers, including camping and rest areas, caravan par...

    Reg: $25.00

  • Hema Australia Handy Atlas

    Hema Australia Handy Atlas

    The Australia Handy Atlas features comprehensive atlas mapping and detailed city maps at a compact travel size for exploring Australia. Pinpointed on the atlas mapping are camping and rest areas, caravan parks, 24-hour fuel, roadhouses, overnight camps and more. CBD, suburbs and through roads maps o...

    Reg: $13.00

  • Hema HN7 Navigator

    Hema HN7 Navigator

    The Hema Navigator HN7 packages Australia's most trusted touring and off-road navigation inside a new 7-inch finger touch screen. Explore Australia with street and 4WD navigation, over 6000 camping and touring points of interest (POI) and brand new campsite photos that maximise the HN7's large high-...

    Reg: $500.00

  • Camps Australia Wide 8 Spiral Book

    Camps Australia Wide 8 Spiral Book

    Camps 8 is the ultimate guide to free and budget-friendly camping throughout Australia. The latest in Camps Australia Wide's highly respected range, Camps 8 features a list of over 3900 free camps, community campsites, showgrounds, station stays, national and state parks, as well as pet friendly sit...

    Reg: $30.00

  • Out Of Stock Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Compass

    Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Compass

    Few devices as simple as a compass can make as big a difference in a survival situation. Bear Grylls, survival trainer and veteran adventurer, ranks navigation as one of his top survival priorities. Sure, you can use the sun or the stars to navigate, but the Bear Grylls Compact Compass makes establi...

    Reg: $15.00

  • Out Of Stock Magellan eXplorist 110 GPS Unit

    Magellan eXplorist 110 GPS Unit

    Rugged and waterproof handheld GPS receiver with simple user interface. The eXplorist 110 is a feature packed entry level handheld GPS device that will let you get outdoors and give you the essential navigation tools you need for safety and discovery. Designed for simple navigation and ready to use ...

    Reg: $120.00

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4WD Checklist

www.australian4wd.com.au recommend the following checklist of basics to take with you when going off road in your vehicle:

  • First aid kit
  • Communications
  • Basic personal essentials (water, food etc.)
  • Spare tyre
  • Workable tyre changing equipment
  • Tow strap
  • Recovery equipment (i.e. snatch strap or maxtrax)
  • Basic tool kit
  • Spare key for your car

Safety first

When it comes to 4WDing it is definitely best to leave your ego at home. Driving off road is difficult and nature can be unforgiving. It is better to drive slowly and carefully whilst remaining extremely focussed. If you aren’t sure about something up ahead do not plough through the obstacle and hope for the best. This is a fast way to damage your car or worse - yourself and your passengers.

4WD Placement of Hands on the Wheel

Driving off road is very different to driving on road. When driving on road it makes sense to hold the wheel at 10 to 2 with a tight grip however in off road 4WD driving the wheel can spin suddenly when the wheels of your car find a large rut or bump and can cause injury to your hand, wrist or arms. For this reason is to hold a loose grip on the outside of the wheel allowing it to slide in your hands and find gaps and ruts naturally. Make sure the keep your fingers and thumbs on the outside of the wheel at all time when off-roading.

Water Crossings

One of the scariest and toughest parts of the 4WD journey is crossing through water. The water is not the natural environment for your car and therefore it is very important to take a lot of care when attempting a river crossing. One gulp of water into your air-intake and your engine is done for. This and other problems such as aqua plaining where your car may be turned into the wrong direction are problems that can arise by going to fast into the water. One must also check the depth and ensure the current is not too strong when entering the water in the vehicle to ensure the car will not be swept down river.

It is best to enter the water between 7-10km/h and to keep a steady pace once in. A good guide is to ensure you are not going faster than the bow wave that your car is creating. Try to not stop once you are in the water and if you try to stay calm, restart your engine and get out of the water. If all else fails you will need someone to pull you out with a winch – which is why it’s always better to travel in convoy with at least one other car.

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