Take your 4WD on long trips through all kinds of terrain and enjoy the adventure no matter where the road takes you, when you are equipped with all the necessary kit from Anaconda.

Our Recovery, Towing, Roof Racks, Load Restraints, Compressors, Communications, and Auto Accessories & Electrical sections are filled with equipment, spare parts, kit, and accessories to help you along the way.

With reliable gear from leading brand names, all at the best prices, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can deal with whatever the terrain throws at you.

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  • Cygnett Dashview Universal Car Phone Mount

    Cygnett Dashview Universal Car Phone Mount

    A car mount for your phone. Attach the DashView Universal to your windscreen so you can take and make hands free calls, listen to music or get directions whilst on the road. Compact and easily adjustable, it rotates 360 degrees for portrait or landscape views. Perfect for use with GPS enabled phones...

    Reg: $16.99

  • Enerplex Surfr Solar Battery Case For Galaxy S4

    Enerplex Surfr Solar Battery Case For Galaxy S4

    The EnerPlex Surfr for Samsung Galaxy S4 has a slim, yet durable design will more than double the life of your phone. The Surfr for S4's integrated battery pack can be charged via conventional wall charger, or via solar panel on the back of the case that is great for emergency situations....

    Reg: $50.00

  • Tred Total Recovery Track

    Tred Total Recovery Track

    TREDs are the ultimate all-in-one 4x4, ATV and equipment recovery device in sand, mud, sludge, slime or snow. Designed and manufactured in Australia from specifically engineered polyolefin materials, TREDs can handle intense levels of torque, flex, weight and impact. With a designated shovel feature...

    Reg: $229.99

  •   Mean Mother Recovery Hitch & Shackle

    Mean Mother Recovery Hitch & Shackle

    Designed to suit Hayman Reese hitch towbar systems. Provides the ideal connection when using recovery winches of straps. To secure receiver bracket, use standard hitch locking pin....

    Reg: $49.99

    Now: $39.99

  • Dune Premium Tyre Repair Kit

    Dune Premium Tyre Repair Kit

    The Dune Premium Tyre Repair Kit is a high performance heavy duty accessory, dedicated to 4WD enthusiasts. It has all the necessary components to complete an emergency tyre repair in a handy case for ease of storage and accessibility. Includes: 1 pc zinc-alloy t-handle tyre seal insertion tools, 1 p...

    Reg: $44.99

  • Dune Winch & Strap Dampener

    Dune Winch & Strap Dampener

    The Dune Winch/Strap Dampener is one of the most important safety accessories you can own. Designed to eliminate the whipping action of a strap or winch cable in the event of a failure, they reduce the possibility of personal injury and vehicle damage....

    Reg: $39.99

  • Dune Aluminium Adventure Shovel

    Dune Aluminium Adventure Shovel

    The simple task of digging a hole can become nearly impossible in the Australian Outdoors unless you have a shovel that's tougher than the terrain. This compact, lightweight utility shovel means there is no excuse for being stuck anywhere without one....

    Reg: $36.99

  •   Mean Mother High Lift Jack

    Mean Mother High Lift Jack

    One of the most practical recovery accessories you can have is a Mean Mother high lift jack. It can be used in situations where it is necessary to lift, winch, clamp, pull and push. They are useful in lifting a vehicle clear from obstacles that come into contact with the under body. By lifting the v...

    Reg: $149.99

    Now: $119.99

  •   Yakima Forklift Bike Rack

    Yakima Forklift Bike Rack

    Feast your eyes on our first-ever fork-style rooftop bike mount with factory crossbar capability right out of the box. (Please note: The Forklift is recommended for carrying bikes only, not pallets loaded with heavy stuff.)...

    Reg: $209.99

    CLUB: $146.99

  •   Yakima Frontloader Roof Bike Rack

    Yakima Frontloader Roof Bike Rack

    Universal fit to most kinds of crossbars - including aerodynamic factory bars - makes the Front Loader our most versatile rooftop bike mount ever. It goes right from the box onto your car rack system, and then to a very special place in your heart....

    Reg: $279.99

    CLUB: $195.99

  •   Yakima SKS Lock Cores

    Yakima SKS Lock Cores

    SKS stands for 'Same Key System'. These 2 cores enable you to lock all of your Yakima products with just one key....

    Reg: $24.99 - $44.99

    CLUB: $17.49 - $31.49

  •   Yakima Bow Stern Tie Down

    Yakima Bow Stern Tie Down

    Our innovative ratchet pulley quickly secures the bow and the stern of your boat without tying any pesky knots. (Sorry to those of you who earned advanced knot-tying merit badges and really wanted to show it off.) And to those of you who never got past granny knots - you're welcome....

    Reg: $64.99

    CLUB: $45.49

  •   Yakima Showboat 66 With Crossbars

    Yakima Showboat 66 With Crossbars

    The versatile ShowBoat load-assist roller makes it painless to get your kayak on top of your vehicle - even if you're loading multiple boats onto your car rack system all by yourself. So you'll never spend the day in the hospital with a double-hernia instead of out on the water....

    Reg: $299.99

    CLUB: $209.99

  •   Yakima Bigstack Roof Watersports Rack

    Yakima Bigstack Roof Watersports Rack

    If you like to head out on the water with your entire posse, you've reached the right page of the website. The Big Stack rooftop kayak mount's narrow profile carries up to 4 kayaks on their sides. (As an added bonus, the word &ldquostack&rdquo makes you think of delicious pancakes.)...

    Reg: $239.99

    CLUB: $167.99

  •   Yakima Bowdown Roof Watersports Rack

    Yakima Bowdown Roof Watersports Rack

    If you're like an overprotective parent and your boat is your baby, you'll want the BowDown-our safest and most secure rooftop kayak mount-for your car rack system....

    Reg: $259.99

    CLUB: $181.99

  •   Yakima Mako Aero Saddle Kayak Rack

    Yakima Mako Aero Saddle Kayak Rack

    These practical saddle-style rooftop kayak mounts come with all the hardware you need to secure your boat with a kung-fu grip, yet cradle it gently and keep it looking pretty. Mako Aero saddles fit car rack systems with factory (aero-style) crossbars out of the box, and offer SKS security. Mako Aero...

    Reg: $99.99

    CLUB: $69.99

  •   Yakima Anchor Ties

    Yakima Anchor Ties

    Creates up to two mounting points for Bow/Stern tie-downs on vehicles without easy access mounting points. (2pk)...

    Reg: $18.99

    CLUB: $13.29

  •   Yakima Ripcord Rack Straps

    Yakima Ripcord Rack Straps

    We're definitely not yanking your cord when we say these lockable multi-purpose cargo straps are dynamite for locking surfboards, boats, bikes, motorcycles, trailers, ladders, you name it. SKS locks included....

    Reg: $99.99

    CLUB: $69.99

  •   Yakima Soulpad Surfboard Rack

    Yakima Soulpad Surfboard Rack

    Reconnect with soul of your surfboard and get your hands on these comfy EVA-moulded aero pads give one heck of a cushy, protective ride to your boards, be they of the surf, paddle or sail variety....

    Reg: $59.99

    CLUB: $41.99

  •   Yakima Wavehog Surfboard Rack

    Yakima Wavehog Surfboard Rack

    The Yakima Wavehog - it's all the pads, straps and nose/tail tie downs you need to get your boards to the beach. And you can install everything quickly and easily without tools. Because when the waves are rolling in, who's got time for tools? Not you, you Wavehog. Includes the Yakima Soulpad, S.U.P ...

    Reg: $159.99

    CLUB: $111.99

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4WD Checklist

www.australian4wd.com.au recommend the following checklist of basics to take with you when going off road in your vehicle:

  • First aid kit
  • Communications
  • Basic personal essentials (water, food etc.)
  • Spare tyre
  • Workable tyre changing equipment
  • Tow strap
  • Recovery equipment (i.e. snatch strap or maxtrax)
  • Basic tool kit
  • Spare key for your car

Safety first

When it comes to 4WDing it is definitely best to leave your ego at home. Driving off road is difficult and nature can be unforgiving. It is better to drive slowly and carefully whilst remaining extremely focussed. If you aren’t sure about something up ahead do not plough through the obstacle and hope for the best. This is a fast way to damage your car or worse - yourself and your passengers.

4WD Placement of Hands on the Wheel

Driving off road is very different to driving on road. When driving on road it makes sense to hold the wheel at 10 to 2 with a tight grip however in off road 4WD driving the wheel can spin suddenly when the wheels of your car find a large rut or bump and can cause injury to your hand, wrist or arms. For this reason is to hold a loose grip on the outside of the wheel allowing it to slide in your hands and find gaps and ruts naturally. Make sure the keep your fingers and thumbs on the outside of the wheel at all time when off-roading.

Water Crossings

One of the scariest and toughest parts of the 4WD journey is crossing through water. The water is not the natural environment for your car and therefore it is very important to take a lot of care when attempting a river crossing. One gulp of water into your air-intake and your engine is done for. This and other problems such as aqua plaining where your car may be turned into the wrong direction are problems that can arise by going to fast into the water. One must also check the depth and ensure the current is not too strong when entering the water in the vehicle to ensure the car will not be swept down river.

It is best to enter the water between 7-10km/h and to keep a steady pace once in. A good guide is to ensure you are not going faster than the bow wave that your car is creating. Try to not stop once you are in the water and if you try to stay calm, restart your engine and get out of the water. If all else fails you will need someone to pull you out with a winch – which is why it’s always better to travel in convoy with at least one other car.