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Discover The Checklist For Your Next Trekking Trip

There are a bunch of things you need to pack for a trekking trip, while keeping things as light as possible. Today, we look at the supplies you absolutely need, and how you can avoid overpacking with too many cumbersome supplies. So, if you are about to head out for another trekking adventure, be sure to check out our suggestions below.

What Essential Hiking Gear Do I Need To Pack?

To ensure you are not over encumbered during your hiking trip, you must have a light daypack. Daypacks with a capacity between 11 and 20 litres are usually more than enough for your hiking trip.

In addition to a good daypack, we also suggest some trekking poles. If you will be trekking for a considerable amount of time, then some trekking poles can reduce some of the shocks you get on your knees and your feet.

When purchasing your trekking poles, always make sure that their length corresponds with your overall height. If you are in doubt about the size of your trekking poles, be sure to try some at Anaconda first.

Which Clothing And Footwear Is Recommended For Trekking?

When you spend time in the great outdoors, you need the proper clothing to combat the weather elements. Moisture-wicking clothing is definitely recommended, as this ensures you do not get soaked when you encounter some rain.

In addition to some moisture-wicking clothing, you should also look at a good pair of hiking shoes and/or hiking boots. If you are staying on the path, then some simple shoes will do. However, if you are thinking about hiking off trail, then make sure to look at some higher hiking boots.

If you are hiking in a colder environment, do not forget to pack some clothing that insulates you somewhat, this will protect you against the colder weather. Of course, you do not need insulated clothing if you will not spend any time in a colder environment, as it will only make your pack more cumbersome.

How Much Food And Water Should I Pack For A Hiking Trip?

Water will be one of the vital things you pack for a hike. Naturally, there is only so much water you can take before your pack becomes cumbersome. Therefore, we always recommend packing a water filter in addition to your supply of water, this gives you the ability to filter your own water when you are out and about.

Evidently, you should pack some food as well. An extra day worth of food is always recommended, as is a selection of appropriate trail snacks. A nice lunch is also a good idea, as it enables you to enjoy your lunch surrounded by a stunning view.

What First Aid Supplies Should I Pack For A Hiking Trip?

First aid supplies are paramount for any hiking trip. Naturally, there are some essentials that should be included in each first aid kit, this goes from basic first aid supplies to wraps, splints and wound coverings.

At Anaconda, you can find first aid kits for a variety of purposes. We have first aid kits for boating enthusiasts, but also kits for campers and hikers. If you do not feel confident creating your own kit, then be sure to take advantage of the premade options in our catalogue.

Naturally, you can purchase first aid supplies separately from Anaconda. We provide basic first aid supplies for hikers, this goes from bite and sting relief to gauze and similar supplies. Check out the first aid section today and discover what could be beneficial to you as a hiker.

Premium Trekking Supplies At Anaconda

At Anaconda, you can discover a large range of trekking supplies. We offer supplies such as travel towels, trekking socks, footwear, hydration packs, sleeping bags, and loads more. Check out the items on this page to uncover amazing trekking supplies.

Anaconda also provides superior supplies and equipment for campers and other outdoor activities. We have dedicated section in our catalogue, where you can easily find the supplies you are after. So, once you are done checking out our trekking supplies, be sure to check out the other categories in our catalogue for more information.



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