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Your kids are heading off to school camp and you don't know where to start? Look no further than Anaconda for school camp Essentials to get your youngsters decked out and ready for action. School camp is a big deal for kids all around Australia, and your kids will flourish with the right insect repellent, sunscreen, raincoat, sleeping bag, daypack and other great school camp products. Anaconda partners with major brands including Blackwolf and Oztrail so you can purchase highest quality t-shirts, toiletries, pyjamas, duffle bags, first aid equipment and much more.

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Preparing for school camp is an exciting time. It can also be a little scary for children and parents. It's a big step for kids to take responsibility while away from home on a school camp, and it's a big step for parents to make sure it goes smoothly. With the right clothing and camp gear on their side, kids flourish at camp and can express themselves in true outdoor style. Check out our extensive product range that includes warm jackets, dry bags for wet clothes, carry-on bags, lip balm and more great ideas for the best ever primary school or high school camp.

There are a lot of outdoor apparel and equipment ideas for making your child's school camp trip more enjoyable and organised. It's equally important to educate your child about what to expect on a school camp and how to deal with issues that may arise. As a parent, you will need to face the challenges with confidence so your child feels in control of his or her school camping fun.

If your child is very young and a first time camper, you can run through a few play camps at home, either inside or out in the yard. Your child will learn how to get dressed for camping, how to use a sleeping bag, and how to organise their belongings. It won't be long before your child is taking control of the campsite.

The way your child responds to other school and social activities will give you an indication of the school camp essentials he or she requires. You can also get your children geared up for school camp leadership by taking them on a family camping trip. Once your children learn the basics of erecting a tent, helping out at dinner time, and avoiding flies and mosquitoes, they will be campsite experts full of confidence.


School camp is a great opportunity for children and parents to learn independence. The skillset your children develop while young can be carried with them throughout life, including the ability to adapt and flourish in outdoor conditions. The focus for school camp should be on fun and excitement, not concern over something possibly going wrong, and the experience can be further appreciated with School Camp Essentials available at Anaconda, online or in-store. Here are just a few suggestions from the vast Anaconda range.

Keen Youth Targhee Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoes: Highly regarded Keen Hiking Shoes are a hit with boys and girls. Available in classy colour tones, and constructed from durable leather and strong textiles, these boots are waterproof, breathable and perfect for camping, hiking and everyday outdoor use. These hiking shoes can be pushed to the limit without missing a beat.

Body Glove Kids Aqua Sock Hermosa Shoes: For a completely different kind of adventure by the water, stay safe and part of the action by wearing these hard-wearing, fast drying aqua shoes. Body Glove styling is the perfect fit for times spent by the water or in the boat, providing superior grip and dexterity.

Havaianas Kid's Thongs: There is always plenty of down time on a camping trip, so don't forget to pack a pair of comfortable Havaianas Thongs made from a secret Brazilian rubber formula. These thongs are designed to stand the test of time, from school camp and beyond.

Denali Wash Bag: This wash bag is the smart travel companion for kids and adults. The compact folding design makes it easy to store in a backpack or suitcase, and when unfolded the wash bag hangs up. Keep all your grooming gear organised using the convenient mesh pockets. With bathroom accessories sorted, the school camp will be a breeze.

RID Insect Repellent Kids Roll On 50ml: Anyone familiar with Australian insects understands the value of RID. The Kids Roll On 50ml insect repellent is high grade, safe, long-lasting and specially formulated for the Australian environment. This repellent contains added antiseptic to help fight infection.

For more great School Camp Essentials, explore Anaconda online, or visit your nearest Anaconda retailer for first-hand experience of the amazing product range.



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