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We've got you covered! With everything you need in the one collection, from backpacks to hiking shoes, sleeping bags to thermals, we are your one-stop school camp shop. This collection will make preparing for your child's school camp easy and stress-free!Our new range of Cederberg Youth clothing has been designed specifically for the 8-6 year old camper, with all the fabrication and technology you know and love from our Adults' Cederberg range. School camp is an exciting time to explore the great outdoors so we're here to help make sure your school camp experience is the best it's ever been.

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What School Camp Essentials Do I Need To Pack For My Child?

When your child is heading for day or overnight camp with school, there are a bunch of things you need to pack. But what are some of the essentials you cannot forget? And what are some of the most useful supplies to have for school camp? Read on to find out.

How Do I Make Sure My Child Stays Hydrated During School Camp?

To ensure your child stays hydrated during school camp, it is always a good idea to pack a reusable water bottle. Some summer camps can actually provide your child with one, but it is always better to include one, so your child always has access to water.

At Anaconda, you can find many reusable water bottles. We have dedicated options for school camp, but we also have some water bottles for adult hikers and campers. So, if you want something a little bigger, you can find an option in the adult range.

What Clothing Should I Pack For My Child's School Camp?

There will be a lot of physical activity at school camp, so you must ensure your child has a lot of comfortable clothing. Of course, the type of camp and the activities your child will be doing will somewhat impact the clothes your child will be wearing. Ideally, pack your child some comfortable loose clothing and at least one pair of hiking shoes. You should also pack a light rain jacket, just in case it rains.

What Kind Of Sun Protection Should I Pack For School Camp?

Sun protection is another vital essential for summer camp. Therefore, you should undoubtedly pack a good sun lotion to ensure your child is protected against sun exposure. Of course, there are more essentials that contribute to sun protection, this includes the proper clothing, hats, and the like.

Before your child leaves for school camp, always talk about the importance of sun protection. While you can ensure your child has sufficient sunscreen on when they are at home, it is a different matter when it comes to school camp. Also, make sure they know the importance of staying hydrated in warm weather.

What Other Essentials Should I Pack For School Camp?

There are a bunch of other supplies you need to include in your child's travel bag. Below, we have mentioned some of the most important essentials in the travel bag.

Toiletries - Your child will need a bunch of toiletries on school camp, this goes from a toothbrush and toothpaste to soap, shampoo, and after sun lotion. Of course, having their own toiletries bag is also the first step towards independence, so it is often a good idea to give your child some input in what is put inside.

Hiking backpack - It is always a good idea to pack a lighter backpack for hiking. The travel bag will be too heavy for an entire day of walking, so make sure you have a lighter bag where your child can store water, sunscreen, a snack, and other essentials for the day.

Medications - This does not solely envelop any prescription medication your child is taking, but also other essentials such as painkillers, bite and sting relief, and more. It is also important to discuss the contents with your child and inform them about safe dosages. If you do not feel comfortable packing painkillers - because your child is too young for example - it can be left to the discretion of the camp supervisors.

Lenses and/or spare glasses - If your child wears prescription glasses, you must ensure they have everything they need to keep the glasses and/or lenses safe. Depending on how long the camp lasts, always include a spare pair of prescription glasses and an extra week of lenses. For example, if the camp is lasting one week, include two weeks of lenses for your child.

Buying School Camp Essentials From Anaconda

At Anaconda, you can find all the school camp essentials for a very sharp price. We provide toiletry bags, sunscreen, comfortable clothing, backpacks, flip-flips and loads more. To discover all the premium school camp supplies we can offer you, be sure to check out the full catalogue on this page.



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