Festival Camping

If you are looking for camping gifts or camping surprises to make your outdoor experience more satisfying, look no further than Anaconda, with Festival Camping ideas that are sure to please.

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Festival Camping is all about the little extras that can make camping a fun and adventure filled trip to remember. Festival Camping includes camp essentials such as sleeping bags, and lighting that can be improved and adapted for a better all-round experience. Anaconda celebrates Festival Camping in style, with products from world leading manufacturers and equipment specially designed for your favourite sport or outdoor pastime.

Camping should be fun for everyone, no matter what their camping style. Some people are natural explorers, wanting to search the area immediately upon arrival. Others prefer to set up camp in an orderly fashion for optimised dining and recreation. Some campers are focussed solely on their primary pastime such as fishing or boating, while others try and organise group activities that everyone can take part in. Festival Camping provides options for camping pleasure.

Festival Camping is camping and glamping all in one. It includes the finishing touches for personalising your camping experience, such as setting up a portable hammock in prime position, or setting up a Bluetooth speaker for transforming your camp site into party central. The direction you take your camping experience in is totally up to you, festival camping style.

If you are taking a special someone on a romantic camping getaway, some festival camping solutions are in order. Make sure your companion is comfortable by using a Denali Outdoor Blanket, and for thirst quenching style, show off your attractive LifeStraw Go Water Bottles with filters.

The Tropicana Universal Double Hammock and Frame is a guaranteed way to upgrade your camp site to a festival camping site. With plenty of room for you and your companion, the Tropicana Double Hammock, in classic Toucan colour scheme, can hold 200kg comfortably. The cotton-blend material is comfortable and breathable, while the sturdy powder-coated steel frame provides full and balanced support.

Vacations are made from memories, and what better way to immortalise your trip than with classic selfies taken using a Cygnett Bluetooth Selfie Stick. This is a quality item and is GoPro compatible with detachable Bluetooth camera control. The twist-lock telescopic extension reaches 75cm, and the secure detachable tripod provides another photo option alternative. Comfortably trigger the shutter by remote control, and take professional style smartphone pictures of your camping adventures.

Night is fun time for some adventure seekers. Australian forests come alive at night, and it is an opportunity to witness our iconic fauna in action. Nothing beats the first-hand experience of seeing Platypus in the shallows, Koalas in the gum trees, Kangaroos on the move or bats making their nightly migration. Australia is an adventure paradise for festival camping fans. If you are exploring wild Australia at night with a friend, consider a Tactical 4 + 3 LED Headlamp 2 Pack. These powerful headlamps provide ample illumination for night-time adventures, or for preparing a late evening snack after the sun goes down. Variable illumination control and around 12 hours battery life make Tactical Headlamps the right choice for wide ranging camping and hiking activities.

Festival Camping is safe camping, making a Trafalgar Hikers First Aid Kit one of the first considerations. This kit is lightweight, easy to carry and a great companion when enjoying the outdoors. The Trafalgar First Aid Kit contains all essential items for addressing minor injuries, including adhesive strips, bandages, wound dressings, a thermal blanket, and a whole lot more. With a first aid kit on your side, plus rudimentary first aid skills and knowledge, you are equipped to deal with any camping accident or emergency.

Anaconda specialises in outdoor equipment that is optimised for safety and usability. We stock all camping, hiking and outdoor essentials, plus a wide range of accessories that will transform ordinary camping into festival camping. Check out the full Anaconda outdoor range and get ready to become inspired.



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