If you are looking for replacement paddles for your boat, raft, board, or canoe check out the range of paddles available at Anaconda. Featuring paddles in a variety of types and sizes, as well as oars, we can help you get back out on the water in no time!

Each year, many paddles are broken or lost. Protect yourself against losing paddles by investing in an inexpensive paddle leash from our boating accessories range. Also included in our paddles range is a paddle float, ideal for helping you get back on your canoe when no other help is available.

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  •   Seak Touring Kayak Paddle

    Seak Touring Kayak Paddle

    The Seak Touring kayak paddle is a great all round touring paddle for the keen ocean paddler. These paddles come with the flexibility of being able to adjust both the length of the paddle as well as 360 degree adjustability of the blade angle, making it suitable for paddlers of all sizes and experie...

    Reg: $169.99

    Now: $127.49

  •   Seak Junior Kayak Paddle

    Seak Junior Kayak Paddle

    Seak Junior Kayak Paddle. Measures 160 cm, a must have when matched with the popular Seak Junior Kayak.

    Reg: $19.99

    Now: $14.99

  •   Out Of Stock Seak 2 Piece Paddle

    Seak 2 Piece Paddle

    Versatile two piece paddle from Seak, designed to meet your kayaking needs.

    Reg: $79.99

    Now: $59.99

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