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Kids Life Jackets

Kids Life Jackets

Are you going boating with the kids? Or do you want to make sure your kids are properly protected when you teach them how to kayak? For either of these two purposes, be sure to consider one of the life jackets for kids available at Anaconda.

Anaconda provides life jackets for kids at the best prices. Our life jackets for kids meet all the safety requirements - this includes the requirements where colour, construction material, and shape are concerned. Check out our range of outstanding life jackets today and add one of these great options to your kid's safety equipment collection.

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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Children’s Lifejackets

Finding the perfect lifejacket for your child may seem like an impossible task in the beginning. When you look online, you will be showered with safety standard information, as well as different types of lifejackets that could be suitable for your child. To help parents find the best lifejacket for their child, Anaconda has created a comprehensive guide to children’s lifejackets below.

What Is the Offshore Lifejacket?

The offshore lifejacket is considered as the bulkiest lifejackets available today. However, this type of lifejacket is bulky for a reason, since it is designed for the rough sea and harsh open waters.

Offshore lifejackets are considered among some of the safest lifejackets for children. The design of the lifejacket can turn the wearer upwards if they should become unconscious in the water, subsequently preventing drowning.

Of course, the offshore lifejacket is not perfect, because it does have some downsides. Firstly, the bulkiness of the lifejacket makes it quite uncomfortable to wear; this could mean it is not a suitable choice if you intend on needing the lifejacket regularly for your child. Still, if you are heading out on rough waters, then the offshore lifejacket might be a necessity.

Another downside to the offshore lifejacket is that it can limit movement somewhat for the wearer. Because of the bulkiness, freedom of movement is a lot more limited than some of the other lifejackets available today. Still, it does provide the maximum degree of protection.

What Is the Near Shore Buoyant Vest?

Another lifejacket that can be used by children is the near shore buoyant vest. The vest usually has an orange colour, which increases its visibility. However, other colours are also possible for this type of vest; this includes yellow.

The near short buoyant vest is a little less bulky than the offshore lifejacket. The near short buoyant vest is not as suitable for rough waters but can handle calmer waters near the shore line; this includes lakes, canals, as well as calmer beach waters.

Like the offshore lifejacket, the near short buoyant vest has a design that may turn an unconscious person upwards in the water; this once again preventing the wearer from drowning. Therefore, the near shore buoyant vest is also a good choice for safety on the water.

What Is a Floatation Aid?

Floatation aids are counted amongst the lightest lifejackets and the most comfortable. Opposed to the first and second option mentioned here today, floatation aids can be worn for longer periods and provide a large range of movement.

Despite being more comfortable and allowing a larger range of movement, floatation aids are not suitable for open water or rougher waters. So, if you intend a kayaking trip with the kids, the near short buoyant vest might be a much better choice.

What Is a PFD?

PFD stands for personal floatation device. Even though the personal floatation device should be on a category of its own, it is often confused with lifejackets. It is also not suitable for rougher waters and waters where immediate rescue is not at hand. However, it can prove useful for some swimming pools and other controlled environments.

Personal floatation devices can often be found on boats. They usually resemble a cushion with some straps and are thrown in the water when someone without a lifejacket has fallen overboard. Of course, this is an emergency device and does not provide ample protection for children on the coastal waters.

What Is the Hybrid Vest?

The last type of vest is the hybrid vest, which is usually an option for adults. Before we elaborate on the hybrid vest, we must mention that this is not a suitable choice for children. Therefore, it should never be worn by children under the age of 16. The vest is also not suitable for people who cannot swim.

Hybrid vests are usually inflated automatically in the water, although there are some versions of the hybrid vests that must be inflated manually.

Most hybrid vests will contain a combination of buoyant vest material and various inflatable components. Even though you may encounter them in child sizes, they are more prone to premature damage. As mentioned before, they do not provide ample safety for children either, so the hybrid vest is usually not a good choice.

Can I Get Lifejackets for Children at Anaconda?

Lifejackets for children can be obtained from Anaconda; this includes personal floatation devices for controlled environments. To ensure ample protection for your trip on the water, be sure to check the details of each lifejacket.

Do you need some advice on lifejackets for children? Want to make sure the lifejacket provides ample protection for your trip? Be sure to contact one of the sales representatives at Anaconda for additional information. Customers can contact our team via email or telephone.

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