Life Jackets

Life Jackets

Before taking your craft into the water, make sure everyone on board is wearing a suitable life jacket, or personal flotation device (PFD), regardless of whether you are planning a quiet rowing trip on the lake or an afternoon of white water rafting down the rapids.

Anaconda’s wide range of life jackets includes life jackets for men, women, and kids of all ages, and you can choose different life jackets depending on your chosen activity, to make sure you have the best protection possible while still being able to move about freely.

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  • Seak Junior Neo Level 50S PFD

    Seak Junior Neo Level 50S PFD

    Teach your child to float in this Level 50S PFD. The Neo Level 50S PFD has a neoprene body for that extra comfort when worn for extended periods....

    Reg: $70.00

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  • Stearns Illusion Women's Nylon Boating PFD

    Stearns Illusion Women's Nylon Boating PFD

    Buckle into the flexible backup adrenaline junkies need with a Stearns Illusion Series Life Jacket. Whether you're riding a wake or swimming a mile, the V-Flex Sculpted Back design moves comfortably with you....

    Reg: $35.00

  • Seak Women's Premier PFD

    Seak Women's Premier PFD

    The Seak Premiers Ladies PFD is designed by women for women. Completely adjustable and designed for comfort while on the water, it's a must have PFD for any lady on the water....

    Reg: $79.00

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