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Boating Life Jackets

Boating Life Jackets

Going boating, canoeing or kayaking? If you are spending time on the water, the single most important thing to have with you is a life jacket or PFD (Personal Floatation device) for each person on board. Even on the calmest water on the sunniest day, it is necessary to make sure you are wearing one, so before heading out, make sure everyone is protected with the right safety equipment!

Anaconda offers a range of boating life jackets for men, women and children from reputable brands including Seak, Comocean and Yak. Available in varying styles, colours and designs, they are all designed to keep the wearer safe without restricting active movement while out enjoying water sport activities.

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  • Seak Women's Premier PFD

    Seak Women's Premier PFD

    The Seak Premiers Ladies PFD is designed by women for women. Completely adjustable and designed for comfort while on the water, it's a must have PFD for any lady on the water....

    Reg: $79.00

  • Seak Junior Kid's Kayak PFD

    Seak Junior Kid's Kayak PFD

    The Seak Junior Kayak PFD is the child's version of the Seak Multi Fit Adult PFD. Keep your child safe while out on water adventures. This model is a Level 50 jacket certified to Australian Standards AS4758 ....

    Reg: $20.00 - $49.99

  • Comocean Level 50 Universal PFD

    Comocean Level 50 Universal PFD

    Don't leave home without one. In fact, don't even stick your toe in the water without the Comocean Level 50 Universal PFD wrapped around your bod. This is a top jacket for kids learning to swim and adults cruising the lake in a kayak. The fully adjustable shoulders and waist ensure a great fit and t...

    Reg: $49.98 - $49.99

  • Seak Multifit Level 50 PFD

    Seak Multifit Level 50 PFD

    Visit the country bakery for a coffee scroll or three before your jump onto the lake. You'll never feel the PVC foam groaning under your girth in this jacket. The Seak Multifit PFD fits most paddlers 40kg plus with its adjustable shoulders and waist. The PVC foam not only helps keep you afloat but k...

    Reg: $49.00

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