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Kids Kayaks

Kids Kayaks

Want to introduce the kids to the joy of kayaking? Are you lacking the appropriate equipment for a kayaking trip involving your kids? No problem, because Anaconda has a beautiful range of kayaks specifically made for children.

The youth kayaks available at Anaconda meet all the safety requirements and have the features you usually encounter with adult kayaks - this includes UV-protection, adjustable footrests, moulded paddle cradles, and other things a kayaker needs. Our kayaks are also available in various colours, so customers can undoubtedly find a kayak that matches the colour preferences of the child.

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Anaconda’s Guide to Kayaks for New Paddlers!

Are you looking forward to your first kayaking trip, but do you have little knowledge of kayaks? No need to worry, because Anaconda has created a useful guide to kayaks for new paddlers. So, read the information below and learn everything there is to know about the different kayak types!

What Is the Sit-On-Top Kayak?

For beginners, we usually recommend the sit-on-top kayak. It is also a suitable for choice for families who want to take their children on a kayaking trip, since these types of kayaks are counted among the most stable and easiest to operate.

The benefit of a sit-on-top kayak is the fact it is not enclosed. Enclosed kayaks can feel a little daunting for beginners, so this is something you do not have to worry about with this type of kayak.

Sit-on-top kayaks are available in various sizes. You have the single sit-on-top kayak, which provides room for one person, but also options suitable for two and three people. Naturally, the larger options are a good choice for families with children.

What Is the Inflatable Kayak?

The inflatable kayak is usually an option for campers and hikers who have little space for transporting any of the other kayak types but would like to experience some kayaking during their trip.

Inflatable kayaks can be inflated and deflated as required and come in a variety of models. Most inflatable kayaks will have space for multiple people, but you can also get a single inflatable kayak for just one person.

Despite the fact they are inflatable, these types of kayaks are remarkable stable and suitable for use on lakes, rivers, and canals. However, they are only suitable for sheltered inland waters and should not be used on rougher waters.

What Is the Touring Kayak?

Kayakers who intend on kayaking the coastline should consider the touring kayak, since this type of kayak is made for it. The touring kayak can also be an option for calm rivers and lakes.

Touring kayaks are also a preferred choice for campers, since this type of kayak has sufficient space to store equipment and belongings. They are also quite fast, which means they are suitable to cover quite some distance.

Even though they are a little more complicated to operate than the sit-on-top kayak, they are still considered as easy to handle. Therefore, beginners could also consider the touring kayak for their first trip. The kayak also comes in a single or a double version, allowing you to kayak with more than one person.

What Is the Canadian Canoe?

Even though it is dubbed as a canoe, the Canadian Canoe often falls under the umbrella of kayaks. They have a traditional open top with one up to three seats. However, the Canadian canoe is operated with a special canoe paddle and not a kayak paddle.

Canadian canoes are usually suitable for larger groups, since they can sit many people. Even though Canadian canoes can be a lot larger than the average kayak, they are only suitable for sheltered inland waters such as rivers, canals, and lakes.

What Is the Sea Kayak?

We only recommend the sea kayak for the more experienced kayakers, since this type of kayak is meant for trips a little further from the coastline. If you are kayaking for the first time, we do not recommend such a trip, since some knowledge is required to navigate yourself through the waters safely.

Still, if you have experience with kayaking and are interested in something more challenging, then the sea kayak might be for you. The sea kayak is made for speed and easily works its way through coastal waters. The kayak also provides some storage in the hull, which could be useful for anyone who wants to spend some time fishing on the coast as well as kayaking.

What Is the Whitewater Kayak?

The last kayak we will mention today is the Whitewater kayak. When comparing this kayak with most other kayak types, you will immediately notice this kayak is a lot shorter. It is designed to be more manoeuvrable but can also handle some waves.

Whitewater kayaks are usually the kayaks used for extreme white-water rivers. However, they are not suitable for beginners and should only be a consideration for paddlers who have extensive kayaking experience.

What Kayaks Can I Obtain at Anaconda?

Anaconda has a delightful range of kayaks available; this includes kayaks for adults, but also dedicated kayaks for children. So, whether you are a beginning or experienced kayaker, single or someone who wants to take his family on a kayaking trip, you will undoubtedly find the perfect kayak in our range.

Do you have an additional question about kayaks and accompanying equipment? Feel free to contact the team of kayaking experts at Anaconda for more info.

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