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Enjoy the water? With a wide range of colours and styles, Anaconda has kayaks for all types of water sports enthusiasts.

From quality kayaks for the serious fishing enthusiast to reliable adventure kayaks for the kids.

ShopTheAdventure With Anaconda.

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  • Seak Kid's Kayak & Paddle

    Seak Kid's Kayak & Paddle

    The Seak Kids kayak is the perfect choice for the young paddlers, compact, lightweight and with a matching lightweight paddle. Now the kids can get out with mum and dad and enjoy a day on the water....

    Reg: $179.00

  •   Seak Swift Kayak

    Seak Swift Kayak

    Whether you're dipping your paddle in a lake, a river or the big blue beyond, you'll be stoked to sit in this smooth-riding kayak. Ideal for beginners to intermediate paddlers, it has super stability plus ample rear storage for carrying your gear. It's just the right size too, and not too heavy for ...

    Reg: $499.00

    CLUB: $299.00

  • Point 65 Tequila Single Kayak

    Point 65 Tequila Single Kayak

    Point 65 Tequila Single Kayak....

    Reg: $849.00

  • Point 65 Tequila Mid Section Extension

    Point 65 Tequila Mid Section Extension

    For the Mid-Section only to convert your Tequila! Solo into a Tandem or extend your Tandem for more than 2. The award winning modular design of these kayaks is unlike anything we've seen. There is a bow piece and a stern piece and with the Tandem model, you add middle sections to extend the kayak fr...

    Reg: $499.00

  • Seabird Expedition HV Kayak

    Seabird Expedition HV Kayak

    Seabird Expedition HV Kayak....

    Reg: $1,999.00

  • Seak Cruise Sit In Kayak

    Seak Cruise Sit In Kayak

    Seak Cruise Sit In Kayak....

    Reg: $400.00

  • Seak Hybrid Kayak

    Seak Hybrid Kayak

    The Seak Hybris kayak is a popular favourite, featuring adjustable foot pegs, adjustable padded seat open rear storage, and sit in comfort....

    Reg: $350.00 - $699.00

  •   Seak Rapid Kayak

    Seak Rapid Kayak

    The Seak Rapid Angler Kayak is a single sit-on fishing kayak that offers a fantastic level of stability for a lightweight kayak. Designed for one person, the rapid Angler is suitable for fishing trips in the sea or down the river....

    Reg: $599.00

    CLUB: $399.00

  • RTM Disco Angler Kayak

    RTM Disco Angler Kayak

    Fast and stable with beautiful lines, the Disco Angler is an easy choice for those looking for performance. Ample storage in the stern, a large round front hatch and a generous weight capacity make the Disco Angler an ideal touring kayak. A high back on the seat and stable hull design ensure that co...

    Reg: $1,199.00

  • RTM K-Largo Fishing Kayak

    RTM K-Largo Fishing Kayak

    The K-Largo is perfect for beginners looking to discover kayak fishing on a safe and stable platform. With its high capacity, suitable for larger paddlers, the K-Largo is considered to be the best big man fishing kayak to hit the water. The paddler remains dry thanks to its high bow.

    Reg: $1,799.00

  •   Adventure Kayaks Voyager Tandem Kayak

    Adventure Kayaks Voyager Tandem Kayak

    Looking to share the kayaking experience with someone? The Voyager offers loads of seating and storage space, plus added features like a full wrap-around safety line and directional keel system.

    Was: $899.00

    Now: $599.00

  • Seabird Afjord Touring Kayak

    Seabird Afjord Touring Kayak

    Sea kayak that is only 368 cm long! Very easy to handle on land and at sea. Afjord is a shortened version of Expedition LV/HV....

    Reg: $1,299.00

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