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Waterproof Cases

Waterproof Cases

Worried about keeping valuables safe, or your lunch dry while out enjoying water sports? Then take a look at some of these great waterproof cases available at Anaconda! From cases small enough to protect your phone and wallet, to those large enough to hold a complete change of clothing and anything else that you may have to carry around. These waterproof cases from Anaconda will keep everything dry.

Whether you prefer a soft waterproof bag or like the idea of a solid waterproof case, these products from Sea to Summit and SEAK are designed to give you the best solution to store your personal possessions while out on the water.

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Keep Your Stuff Safe During Outdoor Activities! Find Out How to Keep It Dry at Anaconda!

Outdoor activities can be great fun, especially those on the water, but people can worry about their belongings when partaking in water sports. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your valuables safe and dry during water sports and other outdoor activities. Below, we provide you with the ultimate guide on how to do just that!

What Is a Dry Bag?

One of the first things you must get familiar with when it comes to outdoor activities is the dry bag. A good dry bag will become your new best friend, whether you are on the water or simply on a camping trip, since this bag can keep your gear dry.

Dry bags are made from sturdy stuff. They are meant to provide amazing resistant against abrasions, but also provide you with a waterproof storage solution. So, when you shop for your outdoor supplies, do not forget to add this essential to your shopping cart.

What Materials Should I Consider for a Dry Bag?

There are a lot of waterproof materials out there, so it is no surprise that your dry bag can come in a lot of different compounds. However, there are two materials that are deemed most suitable for dry bags, more specifically vinyl and nylon.

Vinyl is used for a lot of product because of its waterproof features. One of the applications is the outdoor dry bag, for which vinyl provides qualities such as abrasion-resistance and strength. However, vinyl is not the strongest of these two materials, so vinyl dry bags are usually recommended for some lighter personal items.

If you are taking some heavier items in the great outdoors, then nylon might be the best material for your dry bag. Nylon has an excellent wear-to-weight ratio, but also the abrasion-resistance a lot of people demand from their dry bags. Of course, there is a slight price difference compared to vinyl, but well worth the investment.

Are There Special Types of Dry Bags?

Even though most people believe every dry bag is the same, outdoor lovers already know there are some speciality dry bags out there. Opposed to the standard dry bag, these dry bags are made for the storage of specific items.

One special type of dry bag is the cell phone dry bag; this type of dry bag is usually most suitable for electronics. But what is the difference between this speciality dry bag and the standard dry bag?

Dry bags for electronics are made to provide the highest degree of waterproof features. Since just a splash of water could ruin your expensive electronics forever, the dry bag must meet the highest of standards. Some of these specialty dry bags are made with special features too; for example, the ability to float when the bag ends up in the water. Therefore, a speciality dry bag could be a consideration for you.

In addition to the electronics dry bag, there are other options you might consider. One of these options every outdoor lover should have is the roll-top backpack. Providing the function of a normal backpack, but with some amazing waterproof features, the roll-top backpack could be a great choice for hikers, campers, and even people who love to go on regular fishing trips.

Since there are so many dry bags out there, it is quite difficult to mention them all in detail here. Just be aware that there are different types out there that might be perfect for the gear you are trying to protect. So, it never hurts to look around a bit before making your final decision.

What Do You Use for Large Items?

Are you looking to keep your sleeping bag moisture-free during your next camping trip? Then you are probably looking for a dry bag that is suitable for some of your larger items. Even though most dry bags are designed for boating and other activities around the water, there are some options out there for the bulkier items hikers and campers want to keep safe.

For larger items, you should be looking for the so-called storage dry bag. Even though this option is more difficult to take with you during an activity, the bag does provide full protection for some larger items. So, if you decide to keep this bag in your tent, it will provide you with the perfect waterproof solution.

Does Anaconda Provide Waterproof Bags for Camping, Hiking, or Water-Related Activities?

Anaconda provides everything you need to keep your valuable items safe and water-free! Check out our latest range of dry bags, but do not forget to look at our other waterproof storage options!

Have a question about keeping your gear safe from water? Feel free to get in touch with the Anaconda team!

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