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Tired of carrying your canoe or kayak? No matter how enjoyable the outing, taking your craft to and from the water can be a nuisance, especially with the heavier sit-on-top kayak models that are so popular. With no-one to help you, it can be heavy going.

With a range of trolleys for anything from boards to sit-on-top kayaks and small boats, Anaconda takes the strain out of transporting craft to and from your favourite launching spot. Top brands Sea to Summit, SEAK and Solution provide safe and well-designed trolleys for all your boating needs.

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Can I purchase trolleys at Anaconda?

Yews, you can. Anaconda stocks a number of trolleys designed to transport boats, kayaks and canoes. If you are finding it difficult to handle your boat or equipment from car to water’s edge, let Anaconda take the strain out of transporting craft to and from your favourite launching spot.

Why should I invest in a trolley?

Kayaks and canoes are not the easiest of things to move around when they are not in the water. A trolley makes life a lot easier, especially if you are on your own. There are a range of trolleys available on the market, but not all of them are suitable for every craft, so make sure you get the right trolley for your needs.

What are the main differences in trolleys?

There is a huge range of designs and types of trolleys on the market, but many trolleys are able to transport a variety of craft. Many sit on top kayak trolleys have a distinctive design including two cone shaped vertical prongs, which fit inside the scupper holes of sit on top kayaks and stop the kayak from moving when on the trolley. Other types of trolley may require pads to be adjusted to the angle of the hull, or need tie-down straps to secure the craft.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when choosing your trolley:

Ease of assembly and a minimum of loose parts is important for repeated use on a long trip. You don’t want a trolley that becomes useless just because you have lost one small clip.

Consider the surfaces you will be crossing. Some types of wheels may perform fine on firm, paved ground, but will not do so well transporting a heavy craft over rough or uneven terrain or across soft sand on a beach.

Stowability is an issue if you are not returning to your point of departure immediately and your cart will need to be stored on board of your kayak or canoe during your trip.

Load rating is another factor – some of the sit on top kayaks are quite heavy, so make sure your trolley is able to carry the weight of the craft plus any gear you will be taking along.

Maintenance and repair. Consider tire patch materials, a small pump, spare parts, cleaning the cart after exposure to salt water and other issues when choosing your canoe or kayak trolley.

Check out the various trolleys available at Anaconda to find your perfect transport, and find other canoe and kayak transport equipment in our boating essentials range as well.

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