Bigfish Gear is a fishing apparel and design company based in Darwin. The Northern Territory is hot and humid year-round, and it is no surprise that Bigfish manufactures cool, sun protective shirts designed for outdoor comfort, with the best Bigfish products on show at Anaconda.

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What makes Bigfish gear so popular?

There are a lot of reasons to choose Bigfish shirts. These shirts are made from high-quality knitted polyester, a 'sports dry' material specially designed for the tropics. Bigfish shirts are soft, cooling, lightweight and durable, boasting UPF50 sun protection. Bigfish shirts are amazingly hard wearing and won't fade or shrink even in testing outdoor conditions. Bigfish shirts look great and feel even better for all-day fishing excellence. Here are a few important features that make Bigfish clothing stand out from the competition.

  • Designed, printed and manufactured in Australia
  • Ultra-cool design and styling ideal for tropical conditions
  • UPF 50 broad-spectrum sun protection that blocks out 97.5% of harmful rays
  • Special 'no-feel' dye prints that don't inhibit breathability
  • Bigfish Maxflow knitted material that is fast drying for active outdoor lifestyles

Bigfish angling shirts are wearable sunscreen that won't wash off. These garments can be worn in all weather conditions, and the bright colours are easy to spot from a distance. The Bigfish company is clean and green, using no harsh chemicals in the printing and manufacturing processes.

Are polyester fishing shirts the right choice for Australian conditions?

Cotton shirts are generally single weave that needs to be woven tight to provide UPF protection. Unfortunately, a tight weave also means restricted airflow, making cotton hotter to wear than polyester. Cotton doesn't hold colour well and will fade with every wash.

Polyester Bigfish shirts, on the other hand, are double weave with a smooth underside and breathable outer. This style of shirt is moisture wicking, drawing perspiration away from the body, allowing you to remain cooler. Polyester is long lasting and provides UPF protection that lasts longer. With Bigfish shirts, the dye sublimation process allows the ink to become an integral component of the fibres, meaning these shirts won't fade and appear worn over time.

What are some more big fish advantages?

Bigfish is well known as a clean, green and environmentally friendly company. Dye sublimation allows Bigfish to use only water-based dyes that are safe enough to pour down the sink. There is no wasted water or polluting chemicals with Bigfish manufacturing processes. Bigfish uses cutting edge digital technology for sharp, vibrant prints that are guaranteed to catch the eye. In addition, all cutting, sewing, pattern making and grading is completed in Australia, making this company a true local legend.

What Bigfish designs at Anaconda should I check out?

Explore Anaconda Bigfish products and you will discover some of the most eye-catching fishing shirts available anywhere in the world. Shirt designs include long-sleeve and short-sleeve polo shirts with incredible graphics that are bound to appeal even to people who don't fish. Bigfish solar tubes are also in demand, constructed from the same breathable materials for face and neck protection in the harsh tropical Australian sun. Purchase Bigfish at Anaconda and you will not be disappointed.

Why choose Anaconda for Bigfish apparel?

Anaconda is the go-to retailer for Australians who enjoy the outdoors, We have more high-quality outdoor equipment and apparel products than anyone else, at prices regular Australians can afford. We offer a superior in-store or online shopping experience and provide a comprehensive returns policy to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. In addition, we offer our famous lowest available price guarantee on every stocked item.



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