How To Easily Go From Camping To Glamping

How To Easily Go From Camping To Glamping

It wasn't all that long ago that hooking up the caravan to the car and hitting the road involved some serious compromising between the comforts of home and a relaxing back-to-nature experience.

From showers to fridges, freezers and washing machines; tableware, outdoor furniture and beyond, there's a range of quality, reliable essentials available to make the caravanning life that little bit more luxurious.

Caravan Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Whether you're the driver or passenger, getting to your caravan holiday destination is fun but also tiring. After hours behind the wheel, then parking and setting up your site, there's nothing like putting your feet up and enjoying a few blissful moments savouring your new environment.

Moon chairs, sofas and lounge chairs add that additional element of comfort when you feel like taking a load off and getting busy doing nothing. Like camp chairs, they fold away neatly to maximise space and come in a wide variety of styles and weight loads for easy use at the beach, around the pool or at your campsite.

A sturdy and reliable camping table is also one of the creature comforts of home that you don't need to sacrifice when enjoying time away in a caravan. Anaconda has a large range of indoor and outdoor tables to choose from, as well as picnic tables especially for the kids, which make meal times fun and comfortable, and also fold flat for easy storage.

Caravan Cooking & Dining

Cooking & Dining

A caravanning holiday doesn't need to result in meals eaten from tins on paper plates. Durable, high quality cookware and clever, space-saving tableware means you can eat like royalty or entertain guests just as easily and as confidently as you can at home.

For the morning coffee lovers, a portable, handheld espresso machine is a must-have for any holiday and, for those who prefer a cuppa, 12v kettles that include wall or benchtop mounting kits provide a touch of luxury and simplicity.

Having the right tableware can also provide a welcome home-away-from home feel to meal times when caravanning. And with space and weight paramount when caravanning (with heavier vehicles chewing through petrol faster!) you can't go past lightweight, compressible cookware and equipment such as those made by Companion and Sea to Summit who offer everything from easy to clean pots and pans, to pop up kettles, collapsible meal sets, dish washing sets and even laundry essentials!

Washing Machines

Taking care of the laundry is perhaps one of the least enjoyable but necessary jobs on the 'to do' list when caravanning. If you're a budget-conscious traveller or you want the freedom to experience caravanning in one of Australia's stunning national or coastal parks where laundry facilities are often in short supply, a portable washing machine is a great way to make your caravan feel like a home away from home.

From something compact enough to take care of essentials like underwear and thermals, right through to units capable of handling bed sheets, washing machines for caravans come in a range of sizes capable of getting the job done on either mains power or portable 240v battery.

If space and storage options are at a premium, there's a range of economical and space-saving alternatives like pop-up buckets and manual handwashing machines and portable washing lines.

Portable Showers & Toilets

Apart from the obvious purposes, many caravanning enthusiasts swear by having their own portable toilet and shower for the flexibility it gives them when choosing where to stay.

Portable toilets range from a simple squat-and-go (or stand-and-shoot, as the case may be) through to chemical toilets that keep the unit hygienically clean and break down waste at the same time. The more basic the unit, the more 'rustic' your experience will be. On the flipside, there's a selection of clever accessories that do a great job of eliminating odours and reducing your solid waste to a gel-like substance when it comes time to empty the potty. These offer a great alternative if a larger chemical, flushing toilet isn't an option.

The majority of portable shower options involve a soft bladder or plastic container, with a showerhead for spraying the water on your head and body. There are even options that can control the water temperature and pressure. The larger the water capacity, the less often it will need to be refilled.

When it comes to portable showers and toilets, you certainly don't have to compromise on modesty or discretion - pop up toilet and shower tents take care of that. Not only can they give you the convenience of a nearby toilet in the middle of the night but they also help keep nasty odours at bay. Some shower tents come armed with toiletry pockets, a floor mat to help keep your feet clean and hanging devices for drying towels.

Caravan Safety Essentials

Caravan Safety Essentials

There are some important items that every caravan needs for when things don't quite go according to plan.

A first aid kit, torches (with spare batteries), sunscreen and insect repellent (lots of it!), wide brim hats and waterproof clothing should also be stored for easy access within your van in case you happen to experience a breakdown en-route.

In the car, make sure you've got a tyre lever, jumper leads and that your jerry cans of spare fuel and water are topped up. Always have top-ups for oil and coolant at the ready. Make sure your spare tyre and your jack are roadworthy and ready for use.

If your caravanning trip involves travel to remote locations, communication devices such as mobile phones (and rechargers), satellite phones, GPS devices and UHF radio will also come in handy if something goes wrong.

If you're new to holidaying by caravan, our caravanning safety guide contains important advice to ensure you get the most out of your adventure.

Finally, when the adventure is over, don't forget to keep the elements out with a quality caravan cover whilst in storage, as well as chocks for levelling out and preventing any rollways and ensuring your parked caravan is level on uneven surfaces. You'll also need to ensure you empty your water tanks (including grey water and black water!), keep your batteries topped up and ensure any bedding and fixed appliances (such as fridges) are left open to prevent mildew or odours.

Talk to the team at Anaconda for more advice and tips on how to make your caravan a home away from home.




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