How to choose the best camping chair for your next adventure

How to choose the best camping chair for your next adventure

There are many ways to stay comfortable when camping, the easiest of which is to have the best camping chairs and stools for every member of your party. With the design choices and functionality of today's camp chairs, there's no end of options and uses for an excellent camp chair or stool, even away from the campsite at the local footy grounds or a picnic in the park.

In order to choose a camp chair that will keep you (and your backside!) happy, there are some considerations you should take into account.


Types of camping chairs

Camping chairs can be broken down into three main categories: Basic, mid-range and luxury.

Basic chairs include stools, compact folding chairs and beach chairs that sit just above sand height, while mid-range camping chairs include folding chairs and bench seats, as well as purpose-designed chairs for the kids. Luxury camping chairs are hammocks, rocking chairs and super-comfy chair designs with headrests, armrests and insulated pockets for food and drink, as well as dual-seater options and lounges.

In choosing a camping chair, obviously, you'll want something that's comfortable but, as part of your decision-making, what you'll be using the chair for, the size of your chair and the materials it's made from will have a huge bearing on the best camping chair for you.

For example, if you're looking for a camp chair to take with you for hiking, then weight and ease of portability are going to be important factors. On the other hand, if you're looking at a camping chair for general use around your campsite or something for an all-day picnic in the park, size, strength and durability might be the deciding factors.

Here's a breakdown of factors so you can weigh up what's the best camping chair for you.



A quality camping chair can be the difference between ultimate comfort and an aching back!

Whatever the intended use for your camping chair, always choose something made from quality materials (you can rest assured knowing that all Anaconda camping chairs are high-quality, regardless of the price-point). Avoid buying low cost or 'bargain box' camping chairs from your local $2 store, even if you're just looking for a chair to road test on your next trip. These kinds of chairs are almost always made from cheap materials and use high-volume construction processes, which means they won't last very long and could even buckle under the pressure of just one camping trip; not to mention, provide inadequate body support, which could see you return home with added aches and pains.

Check for the quality of construction materials used in the chair's frame, the material used for the seating and the stitching count for an accurate picture of its real strength. The better the construction of your camping chair and use of materials - like mesh inserts for breathability and reinforcement applied to pressure areas for back support and the seat area itself - the more relaxed you'll feel when putting your feet up for a rest, the more refreshed you'll feel after a sneaky afternoon nap and the more use you'll get from your camping chair over the long-term.



Capacity is also an important consideration to bear in mind when shopping around. As well as options for kids, teens and adults, there are camping chairs available that will comfortably accommodate the bigger-framed camper. Don't forget to look for information specifying the chair's weight capacity and, no matter what your weight, you'll be sure to get the chair that supports you.



Many of today's camping chairs look fantastic but, sometimes, the aesthetics can come at the expense of how simply it folds down at the end of the day and how easily it can be carried and stored when you're not using it. Whether buying online or in-store, make sure you access information or find a demonstration of how the chair folds up after use, and how much room it's likely to take up in your car or 4X4 and while stored at home.

A great option for portability is a camping stool. Camping stools may not be suitable for extended periods of time lounging, reading or napping but they can provide a good alternative for resting wearing legs if you're on a hike or attending an event where carrying a chair is just not feasible. Similarly, you might choose a soft camping chair without legs - like an event chair - although this kind of chair is only appropriate for those who can get up and down off the ground with ease.

Many camping chairs come with their own carry bags to make transportation from the garage to the car to the campsite (and back, of course) hassle-free.


Special features

Stubby holders, wine glass holders, padded coolers, foot rests, recliners, the amount of luxury chair features available is endless!

This is probably the most fun part of buying a camping chair! Far from being extravagances, cup holders, footrests, head and back supports, breathable mesh panels and a whole range of extras can make spending time in your favourite camping chair so much more comfortable.

For example, cup holders are ideal for keeping hot or cold drinks at the ready (and not having them fall over on wonky ground beside your chair or needing a table), and armrests that come with soft, insulated pockets are an excellent way to store cold drinks and snacks at the beach (and keep them that way) or stash your personal items like credit cards, keys and mobile phones.

Chairs made from mesh will have greater breathability, making them ideal for keeping cool while enjoying lazy summer days at the beach, your favourite fishing spot or picnic area. On the other hand, you can get chairs with extra padding in the lining, which means extra comfort for long sits.

With some chairs, the special features are built into the style of the chair itself. For example, moon chairs are oval or round in shape, which creates a cocoon-like effect, similar to a nest, that wraps around you. Kids' camping chairs usually come in a variety of novel shapes and designs - like sharks, unicorns, crocodiles and koalas - so little campers can take pride in their special chairs.



Moon chairs are amongst the most stable and structurally supportive camping chairs available.

The camping chairs of yesterday were notoriously troublesome for people with chronic back, knee and hip issues. However, today's camping chairs focus on providing the right kind of lumbar support for lower back issues, and are available in a range of heights to make getting in or out of your chair less taxing on your joints.

If you have a regular health professional you see for pain management - like a doctor, physio, osteo or chiropractor - it's best to chat with them about the kind of support you'll need from a camping chair. Knowing what to look for to avoid aggravating existing issues will save you a lot of money in the long run, and ensure your time in the great outdoors is as pain-free as possible.


In conclusion

Whichever option you go, you can rest assured knowing your next adventure will be a whole lot more comfortable!

A reliable and comfortable camping chair makes spending time in nature so much more fun and relaxing, so it pays to put some thought into your purchase.

Whether you're looking for something to store in your hiking pack or something more luxurious for sitting back and doing nothing in style, you'll find camping chairs for people of all sizes, budgets and leisure pursuits. Knowing what sets the good apart from the bad will save you both time and money, and increase the comfort factor of your next camping holiday, day trip or sporting event.


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