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Heading to the beach? Surfing the waves?

Let us help you gear up with Anaconda beach and surf range, from paddle boards, bodyboards, surfboards, wakeboards, snorkelling and beach surf accessories, we have it all.

Take a pick and gear up with us today.

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  • Comocean Soft Sided Surf Board

    Comocean Soft Sided Surf Board

    Soft and cozy on top with a fast slick base. The Comocean Soft Surfboard is perfect for learners and avid surfers alike.

    Reg: $150.00

  • Fuel Ski Tube Pack

    Fuel Ski Tube Pack

    Everything you need to get on the water and get your adrenalin going. Featuring a 48" one person tube with Boston valve for quick inflation and deflation, an electric pump and tow rope....

    Reg: $70.00

  • Seak Soft Stand Up Paddle Board Bag

    Seak Soft Stand Up Paddle Board Bag

    From SEAK a padded, soft carry bag for your Stand Up Paddle board. To suit boards 10 ft 6 in - 11 ft.

    Reg: $59.99

  • Comocean Malibu Surfboard

    Comocean Malibu Surfboard

    A good beginner surf board for anyone who has always wanted to ride a wave but has never made the time... AKU Machine shaped and designed PU surfboard, Two layers of 6oz fiberglass on deck and one layer 6oz fiberglass on bottom, High glossing polished for long life....

    Reg: $300.00

  • Comocean Beach Hand Bag

    Comocean Beach Hand Bag

    This classic beach bag will have you looking fabulous with plenty of room for all your goodies! Whether it's a big day-trip or little beach adventure, the internal pockets and large storage area will help organise and store all your beach accessories and other stuff....

    Reg: $10.00

  • Fuel Series 500 Kneeboard

    Fuel Series 500 Kneeboard

    The Fuel Series 500 kneeboard is a mid level kneeboard shaped with a wing tip and tail for quick release off the water. Effortless spins and soft landings make the 500 a winner. Fuel's MagHook ensure easy deep water starts and the hook goes down flat for safety....

    Reg: $150.00

  • Fuel Sniper 2 Person Tube

    Fuel Sniper 2 Person Tube

    The Sniper Two is Fuel's favourite on the water. With its tipped "winged" sides and generous deck, this fully covered tube offers a thrilling ride. Be prepared to take off as this deck tube hits the wakes....

    Reg: $200.00

  • No Fear Itube Deluxe Round Tube

    No Fear Itube Deluxe Round Tube

    This towable 54" covered round tube is a ideal way to share the fun of your boat with family and friends. Excellent quality and great value for money...

    Reg: $50.00

  • Seak Adult's M273S Dive Mask

    Seak Adult's M273S Dive Mask

    With strong perspex glass and an improved quality silicon sure to keep its seal, this quality Seak mask will take you into the depths with confidence....

    Reg: $25.00

  • Seak Short Dive Fin

    Seak Short Dive Fin

    Travelling? Body Boarding? Swimming? The Seak Short Dive fin is what your looking for. Even with it's compact size, this fin still gives plenty of power and performance. Not only is this a great snorkeling fin, due to it's size it is also a great swim fin and body boarding fin....

    Reg: $50.00

  • Comocean Men's Dive Set

    Comocean Men's Dive Set

    The mask, snorkel and fin set is great 3 pieces set for adults heading to the beach or looking for adventure in reefs.Silicone design ensures a great seal around the face and optimal viewing pleasure....

    Reg: $25.00 - $49.00

  • Seak Adult's 3 Piece Dive Set

    Seak Adult's 3 Piece Dive Set

    This all-in-one dive set with Mask, Snorkel and Fins features all new quality silicon for the Mask and Snorkel that keeps a seal at all times and will not lose shape when packed away in its mesh carry bag....

    Reg: $49.00 - $59.00

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